5 Kinds Of Cheating That Most People Aren’t Aware Of

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5 Kinds Of Cheating That Most People Aren’t Aware Of

Problems exist in relationships due to a lack of commitment. You were created by love to give and receive love. Nothing can be more simple yet complicated as a commitment to give love, to make love a priority.

Hold yourself accountable for the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of another person. You have to consider your ability to love someone according to their need.

If you aren't ready, self motivated and disciplined to make the commitment to love, don't make the mistake of cheating someone out of their right to be loved. Don't starve someone of the love they deserve because you are too selfish to just let them go.

1. Cheating Online

This is the type of cheating that is done online and most times seen as harmless flirting because it's done through the internet. This form of cheating is just as hurtful. There is no reason why you should be flirting with someone online when you have someone in your life.

It is really disrespectful, just because it's done online doesn't mean it hurts your partner any less. This type of cheating can lead to physically meeting up with them.

2. Emotional Cheating

Anytime you get emotionally attached to someone other than your partner it is considered cheating. Cheating doesn't necessarily mean you have to be physically having sex with someone else.

When you find yourself spending time and sharing personal stories with anyone else other than your partner you are cheating them out of quality time with you.

3. Mentally Unfaithful

At the end of the day we are human and we will find other people attractive. Just because we are in a relationship doesn't mean that we are no longer attracted to other people.

But being mentally unfaithful is something most people do. Anytime you find yourself fantasizing about someone else and what it would be like to be with them, it is considered a form of cheating. Watch your thoughts.

4. Placing Someone Above The Relationship

When it comes to love you have to be willing to compromise. Whether it is a friendship or family, placing someone above them is not only hurtful but disrespectful.

Your partner comes first above everyone else. Ignoring them to entertain someone else is cheating them out of spending time together.

5. Financial Infidelity

People make the mistake of keeping their finances a secret. When you are in a relationship it is no longer about just you but about your partner as well.

Withholding and keeping them in the dark comes off as a way of cheating. You two are suppose to be one. There is no need to keep it to yourself, being open about the finances can create a peaceful environment where the both of you trust each other enough to not keep it a secret.

One does not deserve more than the other. A relationship is meant to feed everybody full. One partner shouldn't feel like they are giving more than the other one.

Cheating is a choice regardless of what excuses people come up with. Anybody that is okay with emotionally starving you out of the love you deserve does not need to be in your life.

Life is too short to be dealing with people who don't know what commitment means. It's either they are or they aren't. Either which way if they can't be committed to you, let them go be uncommitted with someone else.

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