5 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman

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5 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman

The one thing that makes her special within all the other women is that she will always be honest with you. Knowing that the truth might hurt you doesn’t stop her from telling you it.

It can be hard to find someone who understands the depths of you. The deeper you are the harder it is to find someone who can keep up with your intensity.

Not all men can handle a deep woman. Dates never go past anything more serious or relationships fail because some men just don't know how to handle a woman who is deeper in all aspects of who she is.

1. A Deep Woman Won't Wait For You

She will not sit around waiting for you to make up your mind about what it is you want. Time waits for no man and neither does a good woman. She knows her worth and value.

She will not waste her time on a man who is unsure about her. She wants to give love and receive love. She wants a man who will make it worthwhile being in a relationship.

2. She Craves Consistency

She's had her share of men who are inconsistent. She no longer deals with men who are okay with being inconsistent when it comes to her. It kills the whole vibe of a potential partner.

She doesn't want to be with a man with flaky behavior. She wants a man she can build a strong connection with not someone she has to second guess .

3. A Deep Woman Requires Intimacy

The intimate relationship includes being open with your significant other. This woman is going to reduce the fear of diving into the unknown. A deep woman is built up with personal strength.

She requires real intimacy and is willing to risk getting hurt to in order to find someone who is not afraid to give her that. She loves to feel free and getting close to someone is not something that scares her.

4. You Won’t Get Her Attention If You Don’t Deserve It

A deep woman knows that everyone is replaceable, including you. Her time and energy are valuable to her therefore she will not entertain you if you are not worth it.

Not everyone gets her attention that easy. So if you get her attention that means she really likes you, but just because she likes you doesn't mean she'll keep giving you her attention if you don't deserve it.

5. A Deep Woman Is Not Afraid To Ask Questions

She knows what she wants therefore she will not waste time beating around the bush. She will be upfront with what she is looking for and wants in a realtionship.

She will ask the questions most women stay away from. She is not afraid to ask the questions that will save her time on the wrong one. A deep woman just wants someone who is willing to meet her half way to make the relationship work.

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