5 Reasons Women Love To Cheat

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5 Reasons Women Love To Cheat

Did you know that most of the women out there love to cheat? A recent statistics shows that out of a 100 women, at least 78 of them are the best at cheating and, in fact, they love what they do!

The study also shows that compared to men, women are the biggest and the more experienced cheaters! Researchers on relationship claim to say that the main reason why women cheat is because of the lack of physical intimacy in their current marriage or relationship.

These are the women who seek revenge for being done wrong or a desire for a few giggles and grins in their love life. So, why do you think women cheat if not for physical pleasure?

Is it to climb the ladder to success, is it for fame or is it because they want to feel and be around with someone new? If you take a look at these reasons and excuses, you will be amazed to see how daring these women are to actually take this extreme step:

1.They Are Bored With Their Partner

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Most women get bored with their partner over a period of time, and this is the main reason for them cheating on their partners. If your relationship still has the flame, there is nothing to worry about.

2. They Look For Excitement

Women seek for excitement in their spouse or partner, and if you fail to entertain her like she does for you, she will soon begin to seek this entertainment elsewhere!

3. Revengeful Minds

For those men who have cheated on their women, need to be given the taste of their own medicine, which is why these women find a reason to cheat and are proud of what they are doing too.

4. Because They Can.

Period. Women who are treated badly by their partners find the need to cheat on them with someone who will treat them with love and respect. This kind of a cheating is fair and acceptable though. What do you think?

5. They Love The Attraction

When a woman cheats, she tends to gain a lot of attention from the new partner and this in fact is thrilling which is one of the other reasons why some women love to cheat.

Sourced by: Tellyouall

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