5 Signs A Guy Truly Values The Girl Who Loves Him

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5 Signs A Guy Truly Values The Girl Who Loves Him

When we meet someone who values us and respects our boundaries it is a breath of fresh air from what we've dealt with in the past. You know what not being valued feels like so if you find someone who does, hold on to them.

We've all dealt with people in relationships that didn't value us the way we should be at some point in our lives. Wondering why they just couldn't love us right.

So we had to accept that they just couldn't. Truth is, not everyone will see our value and accepting that truth will allow false expectations to die.

Here are 5 signs that the person you're with values you:

1. He Adores You Flaws And All

He shows you he adores everything about you. He embraces your flaws and doesn't make you feel inadequate for your shortcomings.

Instead of talking down about your flaws he restores your confidence by encouraging you with his words and gestures.

2. He Trusts You

He fully trusts your word. He is not insecure about the relationship or you. Trust and respect are his emotional currency. It's not easy to trust someone when you have been let down far too many times.

He values you too much to let past experiences dictate his trust towards you.

3. He Is Committed To You

He wants nothing more than to be with you. Not only does he verbally communicate that to you but he also shows you. He knows the importance of putting words into action.

He doesn't fear commitment because he knows you are too valuable to lose. He doesn't want to leave any open doors for another man to come by and do what he failed to do.

4. He Takes Interest In What You Have To Say

Your opinion matters to him. He takes interest in everything you have to say even if he doesn't agree. He loves to hear about your day. Whether you had a good or bad day he wants to know about it.

He doesn't make the conversations all about him. He takes interest in what you have to say before he tells you about his day.

5. He Looks At You Like No Other Man Has

The way he looks at you melts your heart. He has a way of looking at you that just comes off so genuine. He looks at you with such love and admiration.

Everytime he gives you that look it feels like home. Everytime he looks at you that way he always follows it with a gentle kiss or hug.

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