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His behavior will always reveal his feelings for you

One of the hardest things to accept and let go of is the person you are madly in love with. Having to remove yourself from what you thought was real hurts the most. Having to accept that they are not the person meant for you.

You can pour your all into a man, but if he is not reciprocating the same energy anymore he has checked out. It's best to hurt temporarily than to keep holding on to a man for fear of being alone.

1. He Is No Longer Affectionate

It's not that he doesn't know how to be affectionate, it's that he doesn't care to be affectionate with you. He no longer shows the same affection he did towards the beginning of the relationship.

He seems cold and dry, and in order to get the slightest hug you have to ask for it. If he was really in love with you that would come naturally to him. It would be something he would enjoy doing to show you he loves you.

2. He No Longer Talks To You The Same Way

He has become verbally abusive and criticizes everything you do. He no longer talks to you in a loving way. Anytime he addresses you he seems annoyed with you.

He tends to belittle you and is very dismissive about your opinions on any subject. His words hurt more than they make you feel loved. The communication doesn't exist and when you guys do talk its about what you are doing wrong.

3. Lack Of Intimacy

When it comes to physical touch, there actually is a pretty clear parallel between emotional and physical intimacy. In a relationship, you and your man should be able to support each other no matter what. Your relationship should be a place you can go for guidance.

It's a sign you don't have emotional intimacy if you don’t ask for each other’s opinion or advice. Sex should always be an intimate moment you both enjoy. If he seems distant and lacks interest in the bedroom he might be falling out of love if he is not already there.

4. No Longer Wants To Spend Quality Time

Spending quality time is always a must in a relationship. It allows for couples to communicate about how their day went or address any concerns they might have.

If all of the sudden he is too busy to spend time it's his way of showing you he has lost interest. A man that loves his woman will find the time to spend time with her, he won't allow everything else take away from spending time with her.

5. He Seems Distant

Even when the two of you are together it's like he is not there. He seems distant and uninterested in being around you. He doesn't look at you the same way he once did.

He rather be out with friends than be around you. When you are talking to him he seems spaced out and uninterested in anything you have to say. He doesn't take the initiative to fix things.

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