5 Things A Strong Woman Won’t Tolerate In A Relationship

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5 Things A Strong Woman Won’t Tolerate In A Relationship

A strong woman has been through some relationships that have shaped her into the woman she is today. There are many things she dealt with when it came to dealing with the wrong men.

But one thing she learned is that she is a lot stronger than she was. She is now wiser and the things she let slide in the past are no longer an option. To love a strong woman is to come correct or don't bother showing up at all.

Here are 5 things a strong woman will not tolerate in a relationship:

1. Disrespect

A strong woman knows her worth. She refuses to deal with anyone who fails to respect her boundaries. She does not vibe with toxic behavior. You either have to respect her or respect her absence.

She pays attention to when people react with anger and hostility to her boundaries...at that point she knows she has found the edge where their respect for her ends.

2. Cheating

If you want to be single then stay single. One thing a strong woman won't deal with is an indecisive man. It's either you want to be with her or you don't, but cheating is not something she will deal with.

If you aren't ready and self-motivated to make the commitment to love, then don't make the mistake of her wasting her time and cheating her out of her right to be loved.

3. Excuses

We either prioritize love, or we make excuses for why love is last on the list. She will not allow a man to seduce her into making love her lowest priority. She was created to love, to be loved and to be inspired by love's incredible power.

Her soul is love, her heart is love and her spirit is love. She cannot function at her best without love. So she's not about to allow a man to make excuses as to why he can't spend time with her or any other excuse that takes away from her feeling loved.

4. Lying

She knows who she is and what her purpose is...what her relationship, family and spiritual boundaries are...and what her life and love mission and desires are. So lying to her in any form will get you cut off.

Lying only brings forth distrust and once you lie to her she will question everything you say from that day on. Her peace of mind comes first and she will not deal with someone she doesn't trust.

5. Being Controlled

Some relationships are simply a reflection of what’s wrong with us so we deal with behavior that we wouldn't normally deal with if we loved ourselves more.

Being controlled is not something a strong woman is willing to deal with. She has her own life to live outside of any relationship and she doesn't have time for an insecure man trying to control her every move.

Check your connections, they will always tell us what’s wrong with us...we choose them.

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