5 Things Psychopaths Will Say To Make You Crazy

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5 Things Psychopaths Will Say To Make You Crazy

Psychopaths will always make you feel paranoid or edgy and if you question them, they’ll accuse you of over-analyzing things.

Whenever we hear the word “psychopath”, we immediately think of Ted Bundy or movie characters like Hannibal Lecter. Psychopaths instill fear in everyone, but according to experts, they are not often violent or harmful. In fact, most psychopaths are pretty quiet and seem innocent to average people.

As described in books, psychopaths are social predators. They have no conscience and will use their charm and wits to manipulate others in order to get what they want. They can modify their personality to become the person you want them to be.

They’re great at it and you won’t realize you’re being manipulated until it’s too late. When they get what they need for you, they will change their behavior and may start acting crazy.

Here are 5 things psychopaths and narcissists say that will make you think you’re going crazy:

“You Over-Analyze Stuff”

Some people really do over-analyze stuff. However, the difference between them and psychopaths is that you discover you’re correct in retrospect. Psychopaths will always make you feel paranoid or edgy and if you question them, they’ll accuse you of over-analyzing things.

Sometime later, you’ll realize you were right all along. Psychopaths are intentionally making you doubt your intuition and plant hints just to make you feel anxious, then blame you for it.

“I Hate Drama”

Psychopaths may say that they hate drama, but over time, you’ll find out that there’s more drama around them than around everybody else. They will idealize you in the beginning and praise your easy-going nature, but as time passes and they grow bored, this will end soon.

Once it does, a psychopath will push your boundaries until you mention their frustration and the problems begin. At this point, they’ll constantly declare their hatred of drama and make you feel bad just for asking about their suspicious behavior.

“You’re Too Sensitive”

After flattering you all day long, psychopaths will then ignore you and wait for your reaction. When you do react, they’ll accuse you of being needy and sensitive, which will undermine your self-esteem.

They will even insult and criticize you when given the chance and push your buttons until you break. These people have been known to turn an easy-going person to a complete mess within weeks.

“You Misunderstood Me”

Of course, even healthy and loving couples are bound to have some kind of miscommunication sometimes. However, psychopaths will intentionally say things just to hurt you. When you react, they will blame you for misunderstanding or deny they said something even when you know you’re right. This is known as gaslighting. In the end, even if you know you’re right, you will end up doubting your sanity, which is exactly the thing they want.

“You’re Crazy\Jealous\In Love With Me”

When things go south fast, that’s when the name calling starts. Psychopaths won’t miss the chance to tell you’re crazy or jealous when you confront them about something. This can become confusing, especially if they reach out to people they denounced for you.

This will allow them to wreak havoc in your life and call you crazy. Psychopaths will continue devaluing you and everyone who will stand in their way as well.

How To Stay Away From Psychopaths?

As soon as you realize you were right about someone being a psychopath, the only way to keep your mind together is to avoid any kind of contact with them. Just delete them from your life if you want to keep your sanity. If you do feel sorry for them and continue reaching out, you will end up being sorry in the end.

Psychopaths destroy people mentally and will definitely make you doubt your sanity. When they start playing mind games with you, it’s a tribute to your ability to detect there is something off about them and they hate it.

If someone from your close surroundings fits this description, we suggest staying as far away from them as possible.

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