5 Warning Signs That You Are Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

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5 Warning Signs That You Are Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

Life can be a rollercoaster of many things happening all at once. It's hard to be able to focus when you feel drained from life's ups and downs. Things can change from one day to the next.

You have your share of highs and lows, but sometimes it seems like you have more lows than highs and its hard to regain your composure. Being mentally and emotionally drained can take a toll on you to the point where you start to feel depressed.

It's important to listen to your body, when you start to feel that way take a break to relax. Here are five signs that you are both mentally and emotionally exhausted.

1. Feeling Of Detachment

When you start to feel the inability to connect with others on an emotional level you are experiencing a sense of detachment, as well as a means of coping with anxiety by avoiding certain situations that trigger it; it is often described as "emotional numbing" or dissociation.

2. Lack Of Motivation

You have goals in life that just seem impossible, you want to do the things needed to get there but deep down you really don't believve you can do it.

It is taking a toll on your motivation because the voices in your head keep tellin you, you will never reach your goal. The voices in your head keep you telling you, you will never get there.

3. You Get Upset Over Meaningless Things

A lot of the energy we spend on worrying and frustration is useless. We think that by dwelling on the situation we’ll come up with a solution, and sometimes we’re right...if it’s a situation we have any control over.

Knowing the difference between things you have control over and those you don’t is the key to saving yourself tons of time, sweat and tears. Some things just won’t be fixed by frustration.

4. You Have Trouble Sleeping

One of the key signs of being mentally and emotinally exhausted is the lack of sleep. Your brain is just working overtime overthinking everything.

There are things you just can't control and overthinking certain things won't change it.

5. You Find Yourself Crying For No Reason

For someone who is mentally and emotionally exhausted, it's hard to manage their emotions. It puts the body under tremendous stress, and it takes energy to reduce those emotions.

We get extra sensitive and can't manage to cope with the slightest situations. The only mechanism our body uses at that point is to just cry and let it all out.

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