6 Reasons Why Women Leave Even If They Are Still In Love

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6 Reasons Why Women Leave Even If They Are Still In Love

Loving relationships shouldn’t be hard, they should be effortless because loves makes everything easier.

We all love the feeling of being in love, it’s the most amazing thing that can happen to a person and it can’t be compared with any other feeling. When we’re in love we let down our guard, we feel safe, we have no boundaries and simply we can be ourselves.

Loving relationships shouldn’t be hard, they should be effortless because loves makes everything easier. However, the people in it should be dedicated to the relationship completely, they should work on it, upgrade it and help it evolve to the next level because otherwise it will fall apart.

We need to be dedicated to the relationship and help it grow, if we don’t, no matter how much we’re in love, the relationship will not succeed. That’s when we’ll start wondering where did we go wrong?

Here are 6 reasons why women tend to leave their partners even though they still love him:

1. They feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve

Women need to feel like they matter, like they’re being listened to and paid attention to. If the man they love doesn’t give them the attention they deserve, the relationship won’t last for much longer. Why? Well because women give everything to their partner, they invest in their relationship and they care for it, so they expect to get the same in return.

If they don’t feel the presence of their partner in the relationship they will start feeling alone and from there on things will only go downhill. When they feel their attention and love isn’t returned, there’s no point in continuing the relationship.

2. Their partner doesn’t acknowledge them

Women need to feel acknowledged, they need to feel they’re respected and understood so that they can be happy in a relationship. They need to feel that emotional connection with their partner and simply feel that they matter, that their words matter and that their opinions are taken into consideration.

If they feel like their partner isn’t listening to them anymore, if they feel like their opinions are disregarded, they will distance themselves and move on. The thing they hate the most is being taken for granted and no woman will tolerate it.

3. They don’t feel attractive and sexy anymore

When it comes to matters of the sexual nature, men and women are completely different. Men can go at it whenever they feel like it, but women need to feel that their partner desires them, wants them and they need to feel the intimacy so that they can go forward.

If a woman feels that her relationship is falling into a routine, that the sexual part of their relationship is becoming purely sexual and serves the purpose of satisfying their needs and nothing more, she will cool off.

If a woman feels that her partner doesn’t desire her as much as he did before, if he doesn’t make her feel special in the bedroom, the love will soon perish.

4. A big life change

Everyone experiences their midlife crisis differently and while men tend to buy fancy cars and expensive, sports cars, women need to feel young again, sexy again and loved again. The most difficult part in every relationship is overcoming the big life changes and the crises that come along.

Financial troubles, losing their jobs, menopause, sending the kids to college and things like that can have a big impact on a woman and they need their partner to be there with them to help them overcome these difficult times.

If a woman feels like their partner isn’t supportive or don’t understand how emotionally straining these life changes are, they will become distant and the relationship will hit rock bottom.

5. Falling into a routine

Women hate routine. Men, on the other hand, are predictable creatures and they love following a simple routine in life. They fall into a pattern that’s comfortable and don’t like to change anything. The older they get, the more pronounced this personality trait is and the harder it is to change them.

That’s why many relationships fall apart, the men start to care less and the women start to feel forgotten. They need some small gestures of love and appreciation that will make them feel special, that will brighten their day. Falling into a routine kills the spirit of a relationship and all women fear this the most.

6. Their partner is absent

Something no woman will tolerate is a man who enjoys more spending time outside the house, than inside, with his wife or girlfriend. Women have evolved to the point where they no longer need to be taken care of, they need a partner who’ll be their equal and who’ll walk side by side with her and appreciate everything she’s done.

If a woman feels that her partner is not physically there, that he’s more absent than present, she will cool off and soon end their relationship. She knows that she deserves more, that she deserves better and she will go looking for it, no matter how much she’s loved him before.

Women will rather be alone, than wasting their time on men who don’t value them, who don’t listen to them, who don’t want to spend time with them and who simply don’t deserve them.

The sooner they leave an unsatisfying relationship, the sooner they will find someone who will appreciate them for who they are, amazing, wonderful, intellectual, emotional beings.

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