7 Traits of an Unforgettable Woman

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7 Traits of an Unforgettable Woman

Looks aren't everything. There's more to a woman than her appearance. The attributes that make her an unforgetable woman have more to do with her inner beauty.

There are many factors that contribute to what makes a woman unforgetable and it has nothing to do with what she wears, but more so the kind of woman she is.

1. Set proper boundaries and perimeters in place.

A woman full of elegance sets proper boundaries, guidelines, and perimeters in place. Her interaction with others, men specifically, is carefully monitored and planned. She does not allow herself to be jeopardized.

Every woman has a king to whom she hearkens and listens. Ladies, perhaps this will be your father or grandfather. Someone who cares about you and can give you fatherly advice. A woman’s mother can also be a refuge and source of strength when dealing with the opposite sex.

Nevertheless you draft up your own boundaries, guidelines, and restraints. Once you do, never deviate from them. This makes you more valuable and desirable. Any girl can play the tramp and just go with the flow. A woman governs the show.

2. Don’t be a doormat.

Never allow a guy to mistreat you. Remember the necessity to respect yourself. That means you don’t let a guy take advantage of your sexually or any other way. Just because you are gifted and giving does not give any guy a license to take advantage of you and misuse your good graces.

3. Be daring and willing to take risks.

Boldness many times is the bridge to take you over into your dreams relationally and professionally, without which you will remain forever stranded on the shore of wishful thinking. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you don’t take chances, you won’t make advances.

4. Make a man earn your trust.

Don’t blindly trust a guy without having sufficient time to test and prove him. A man’s word is his worth. Ask around and find out information about him. Do your homework. Don’t be gullible and get burned.

Use some discretion. Don’t prematurely give your heart away and commit to someone who you know nothing about. Never blindly believe everything you are told. Let time prevail and tell the totality of the story. Actions still speak louder than words.

5. Be secure and remain emotionally detached.

Never adversely react to undesirable decisions or situations beyond your control. Be your personal best and forget about the rest. Cultivate inner contentment and allow people to be free.

Love them unconditionally and be willing to let them leave if this seemingly will make them happy. By doing so you remove the urge and tendency to manipulate. Thereafter you will discover true freedom and inner satisfaction, after which you will begin to celebrate yourself and become unstoppable.

6. Be authentic and true to yourself.

Never compromise your identity. Identity is your destiny. Who you are as a person should never be reworked or changed so as to appeal to a guy. Be yourself and if he doesn’t like it, find someone else.

7. Be happy by yourself and impart happiness everywhere you go.

Happiness is an inside job. It is not found in a person or thing. The hidden treasure of happiness is buried deep within your own heart. Cultivate and develop it daily. Once you have possessed it, kindly give it away and thereby multiply it everywhere you go.

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