8 Reasons Why It Is Hard For Female Empaths To Find The Right Man

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8 Reasons Why It Is Hard For Female Empaths To Find The Right Man

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position. You probably know a few people in your life who are empath, or maybe you are one of them.

These type of people are amazing, specially women. But what makes an empath woman truly unique is her ability to love strong and wholeheartedly. She is often single because most men can't handle a woman with her qualities.

She is often hard to deal with, but the right man speaks her language and will understand her.

1. Her Love Is Real

This is a woman with numerous emotions, as we have already mentioned. Her love is real and strong. She is ready to give everything she can, but she also wants her partner to do that. Empaths are really amazing people. Having them in your life is a real blessing.

2. Empaths Need Their Freedom

This is a woman who won’t tolerate restrictions. She likes being free at all times. A man that will try to prevent her from being free will be left immediately. She doesn't like being controlled or told what she can and cannot do.

Allow her to express herself in every aspect. She doesn't like a man making her feel like she has to answer her every move.

3. She Expects You To Be Dependable

Not everyone seems to be dependable. However, if you’re in a relationship with an empath, she expects you to be somebody she will depend on. So, if you wish to stay in a relationship with a feminine empath , don’t be late for dates and all the time reply to her calls or texts.

4. They Are Sincere

Empaths by no means conceal the reality, even when it means hurting the one they love. These are the form of people who find themselves all the time ahead and haven’t any hidden intentions. This may be problematic for somebody who desires to ‘’sugar coat issues ‘’.

5. She Will Ask Questions

An empath woman seeks clarity from everyone and anything. So don’t be surprised if you’re asked lots of questions, it’s not that she doubts you, she just needs clarification in her own mind. Her questions are not for manipulative reasons, but rather for the satisfaction of her curiosity.

6. She Takes Things Personal

Even the slightest mistake can hurt her as she feels things deeply. She has a highly sensitive personality. But she doesn’t hold grudges or be resentful. She’s also quick to forgive and is understanding of human nature.

7. Short Term Relationships Is Not Her Thing

She will not commit to any short-term relationship. Her slogan is “all or nothing.” She’ll opt to remain single rather than be with a partner who’s not ready for a life-long relationship.

8. She Loves Hard

And when you give your heart to someone, chances are high that they can break it. But that is the only way female empaths know how to love. There is no gray area in love for them, and they always want it all or nothing at all.

A woman like this has so much love, but only a special person knows to recognize that. And it takes a long time until that happens.

Sometimes too long and she decides that the waiting is not worth it at all.

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