8 Signs He Is Only Playing Around With You

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8 Signs He Is Only Playing Around With You

Nobody gets into a relationship to be emotionally played with. So it's safe to say we all get into relationships hoping to find someone who will add to our happiness not subtract from it.

Relationships are not complicated. People who don't know what they want complicate things. It's not hard to know whether you want to build with someone or not.

Here are some signs to look out for to know if someone is just playing around and not taking you serious:

1. He Still Has Dating Apps On His Phone

Anyone that is serious about you wouldn't be worried about keeping dating apps on their phone. There should be no need to have dating apps if they are dating you. Unless they are just playing around and don't take you serious.

2. He Never Talks About A Future With You

A man that is serious about you is a man that will include you in his future plans. If everytime he talks about the future he always says "I" instead of "We" he is not looking at the relationship long term.

3. He Is Always Around Female Friends

Everytime he goes out it's always with female friends. He is always making new friends and they happen to be from the opposite sex. It's a way of knowing he has options if things don't work out with you.

4. He Only Comes Around When He Wants To Hookup

The only time he comes around without you having to ask is when he just wants to hookup with you, other than that you have to beg for him to spend some quality time with you.

5. He Doesn't Like Taking Selfies With You

He always has excuses as to why he doesn't like taking pictures with you. It's almost like he is trying to hide the fact that he's in a relationship with you.

6. He Flirts With Other Women In Front Of You

He doesn't take your feelings into consideration. He disrespects you by flirting with other women right in front of you as if you are not there.

7. He Refuses To Define The Relationship

He doesn't make it clear when you ask him "What are we?" He wants to take it day by day without putting a "label" on the relationship. He hates being asked if you guys are legit.

8. He Doesn't Acknowledge You On Social Media

He treats you as if you don't exist. He doesn't reply to your comments and treats you as if you are just one more of his followers. Doesn't want anyone to know you guys have anything going on.

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