8 Signs There's A Toxic Person In Your Life

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8 Signs There's A Toxic Person In Your Life

We go through life meeting new people through our jobs or social lives. We have people in our lives that we've known for years and never questioned if they are good for us.

We allow people to sit in our lives and infect our emotional well being if we don't put them in check. Here are some signs that you might have a toxic person in your life.

1. They Never Admit They Are Wrong

A toxic person has a hard time admitting when they are wrong. They always find someone else to blame for the very thing they are guilty of. They rather point the finger at someone else than to admit they are wrong.

2. They Always Play The Victim

A toxic person will always play the victim even if the circumstance is their fault. They always find a way to turn things around and make it seem like they are the victim in any scenerio that plays out.

3. They Are Egotistical

There's nothing wrong with taking pride in the way you look and knowing you are an amazing person. But a toxic person fishes around for validation to bring up reasons as to why they are awesome.

They are always talking about reasons they are such a great person.

4. Always Negative

A clear sign that someone is toxic is someone who is always negative. No matter the situation, they always find the negative in everything.

They are very judgemental. Quick to judge others about everything. Someone with this toxic trait can really drain the joy out of your life.

5. They Never Listen To You

They are never interested in what you have to say. They only listen enough to interject and talk about what they want to talk about. Stephen R. Covey once said that “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

6. Toxic People Constantly Lie

Big or small a lie is a lie and they are good at it. They always feel the need to lie in their favor to make themselves look better than the next person.

Be careful being around a liar, they lie so much they start to believe their own lies.

7. A Toxic Person is Physically And Emotionally Abusive

Both forms of abuse are very toxic. Someone with this toxic trait feels the need to be controlling. They feel powerful by putting you down. While physical abuse is noticeable the emotinal side is more nuanced.

Emotional scars can take longer to heal and can be more damaging.

8. Constantly Seeks Attention

Let's be honest we all love some form of attention here and there, but for a toxic person it's a constant need. They will go all out to get the attention they crave to fill up their emptiness.

Toxic people are critical and controlling, they violate your boundaries and they never respect “no.” They emotionally exhaust you and mentally drain you. This is your season to check permission slips.

Everybody in your life has a permission slip from you to be there...start revoking permission slips that don’t support your sanity, boundaries and peace of mind. Play time in your life is over.

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