An Apology Without Changed Behavior Is Just Manipulation

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An Apology Without Changed Behavior Is Just Manipulation

Sometimes emotions get the best of us and arguments happen. We let all these emotions inside of us build up. Fear, anger, sadness, frustrations, etc... are all emotions that when not talked about or handled correctly can lead to taking out our frustrations on our partners.

The key to turning any argument around is to hold yourself accountable and apologize if you know you were in the wrong. Don't allow an argument to drag the both of you down for days because of pride. Here are some self reflecting steps to take:

1. Put Your Pride Aside

Nothing good comes out of being too prideful to apologize. Put your pride aside and be mature in your relationship. It's better to lose an argument than to lose your partner.

Sometimes we allow our pride to take over and we end up hurting our partners in the long run.

2. Talk Things Through

Figuring out what happened and what caused the disagreement in the first place can help the both of you come to a solution. At the end of the day it takes two to tango.

Hear each other out and listen without interrupting one another. Give each other a chance to say peace. Nothing worst than trying to explain yourself and being interrupted with accusations.

3. Give Each Other Some Space

Sometimes during a heated argument, we tend to say things we don't mean. We don't think about how it might hurt our partner, we let our emotions get the best of us.

Giving each other some space can sometimes allow for you to gather yourself and your thoughts together. It's never about winning an argument. It's always about being mature enough to understand you guys will sometimes agree to disagree.

4. Reaffirm Each Other's Commitment To One Another

An argument shouldn't leave you guessing whether you guys will still be together. It is important to always reassure one another that the love remains and that it doesn't change your love for them.

It is important to apologize and reaffirm your commitment to them. Let them know but also make them feel it. Sometimes an argument can leave your partner overthinking and making up scenerios in their head. Silence their mind by reassuring them your love for them.

5. Forgive And Forget

Don't make threats to leave a relationship. You cannot keep love in a house that has many exits. Sometimes, we can lose love just because we threatened it too many times. This is hard to hear for those doing it but you aren't alone, we've all done it.

We don't mean it, we say it when we're mad, we say it when we want to hurt or punish. We say it because they say it. Stop. Every time you threaten to leave, it does exactly what you intended it to do – hurt, harm and damage.

If you don't stop, one day you won't be able to start again. Don't let the enemy push you to say what you don't mean, and apologize immmediately if you do.

Forgive and forget and learn to love each other through your differences.

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