...And You Still Wouldn't Hear From Me

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...And You Still Wouldn't Hear From Me

When you are a natural giver people will always make the mistake of thinking you will always be around regardless of how they treat you. You can have all the love in the world for them and still walk away because your self respect won't allow you to settle.

Losing people is something that no longer phases you. People have been doing it all along, losing yourself to keep somebody else is something you refuse to do any longer.

You are no longer the same person you were a year ago and you stopped confusing losing them with losing your life. You realized that just because someone decided to walk away doesn't mean your life is over.

It just means their presence in your life is over. At the end of the day you still have somebody that deserves your undivided attention, love and support -- YOU.

You have a life waiting to be lived and a love that is waiting to be loved, cherished, accepted, and protected. The person you need the most is YOU. You are your priority.

We've all been in a place where we've allowed the person that walked away from us take our self love with them, because we gave them too much of ourselves we forgot who we were without them.

Sometimes it's not about how much you loved them that makes it difficult to move on, but more about how much you stopped loving yourself.

When a relationship causes you to start losing yourself, that's just confirmation that you need to find an exit. Being with someone is about becoming one not becoming lost.

Past experiences have taught you that losing yourself just to keep someone around is not worth the pain. At the end of the day they still choose to walk away, you just prolonged it from happening.

You are at a point in your life where disrespect is no longer tolerated, and you will not apologize for refusing to be lied to or mistreated. Your self respect will always come first.

The only people who will have a problem with you respecting you are the people who had a problem disrespecting you. They thought that just because you love them, they wouldn't get dismissed.

Cutting off people who can't respect your boundaries is a necessity. They will drain the life out of you expecting so much from you but doing the bare minimum.

Someone walking out of our life is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Letting someone walk out of our life and take our self-love, self-esteem and self-respect with them is.

You have to be strong enough to hurt yourself temporarily by leaving someone who is all about playing games with you. It's better to hurt temporarily than to hurt for a lifetime.

We don’t always leave someone because we don’t love them...sometimes leaving is about self-love that finds the confidence to let people appreciate your absence when they cannot respect your presence.

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