Anxiety Disorders typically caused by exposure to Narcissistic Abuse

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Anxiety Disorders typically caused by exposure to Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abusers usually go after people who are genuinely good and who refuse to believe that people are bad. Your health and well-being can be very affected by any kind of mental abuse.

Narcissistic abusers usually go after people who are genuinely good and who refuse to believe that people are bad. Your health and well-being can be very affected by any kind of mental abuse. Besides your mental health also the way you see yourself will be changed in a negative way and you will not give yourself the value you deserve.

When you are overly and constantly exposed to this kind of abuse it is very much expected that it will lead to you developing some anxiety disorder. Your body reacts to what is happening in your mind.

It goes without saying that you should avoid this kind of people as their company is poisonous. Things get more complicated if this kind of abuser is a member of your family and leaving home is not such an easy opinion. People who have been exposed to this kind of abuse since they were little have developed a disorder that is still hunting them as adults.

These are the kinds of anxiety disorders that people experience and their most common conditions:

The type of anxiety that makes you fear and avoid situations and places that leads to you feeling trapped, panicky and helpless is called agoraphobia.

The anxiety disorder that is caused by some medical condition has symptoms like panic or intense anxiety that are caused by the physical health problem.

Generalized kind of anxiety disorder that is characterized by excessive and persistent worry and anxiety about events and activities that include even some basic ones. You find it hard to control how you fell and it goes out of proportions. This type of anxiety is accompanied by some other type of anxiety and even depression.

Panic disorder is characterized by repeated episodes of unexpected feelings of anxiety alongside the feeling of terror or fear that within few minutes it will reach its peak. You might start feeling shortness of breath, impending doom, chest pain, or a fluttering, rapid, or pounding heart.

These kinds of panic attacks may lead to worrying about them happening over and over again or you will avoid situations in which they have occurred before.Selective mutism is when a child is unable to speak in some situations like in school, but it does not have a problem speaking at home or to someone close to them.

Their social life, the school, and the work will be interfered by this disorder. Separation anxiety disorder it is kind of disorder that happens in the childhood and is characterized by anxiety that happens due to the separation from some of the parents or someone who has such role.

The specific phobia is the feeling of anxiety that happens when the person is exposed to a situation, object or desire they try to avoid. This kind of phobias can cause panic attacks.

Substance-induced anxiety disorder is when the person starts feeling intense panic or phobia that is a result of a drug, medication or some toxic substance abuse or the withdrawal of those.

Some other unspecified anxiety disorder and specified anxiety disorder these ones do not meet any exact criteria to belong in any of the ones mentioned above, but still can be disruptive and distressing. The people who are the mental abusers, when confronted, they tend to play a victim and they will even go as far as accusing you of being the abuser.

Usually, people are able to tell when there is someone who is abusing them mentally and that kind of behavior would be unacceptable. But, unless you truly know how dangerous and toxic these people are, you might end up getting abused.

This can happen because the usual victims of the narcissistic abusers are people who are empathetic, compassionate and who believe that all humans have a good nature.

This kind of abuse will eventually make them suffer from physical or mental health issues. The verbal abuse can result in major physiological issues and even brain damage like depression, anxiety, depression, and anger-hostility.

According to one study, the brain and its development are affected when it is exposed to socially unhealthy or hostile environment. The brains of children who have been abused sexually or physically or have witnessed someone being abused in such ways have suffered physical changes which have caused the development of psychological disorders.

It goes without saying that having some anxiety disorder can be very unpleasant. It can interfere with your life and wellbeing in a way people will never be able to understand.

Even those who are affected by them will never be able to fully understand why that disorder makes them feel in a certain way.

You must be aware that it is never too late to fight this kind of illnesses and start living your life the way you always wanted.

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