Artist Recreates Disney Princesses So They Look More Realistic, The Results Are Phenomenal

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Artist Recreates Disney Princesses So They Look More Realistic, The Results Are Phenomenal

Ever since we were little some of us obsessed with Disney Princesses. We had collections of our favorite Disney princesses, down to costumes, clothing even wall art.

But we never pictured them as normal people. Talented artist Andhika Muksin has been recreating these perfect princesses into what they would like in real life and the outcome is nothing short of amazing.

Take a look at the following and i promise you that you will laugh because you will relate to some of these if not all, lol.

1. Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Like A Real One.

Anik was around 5 or 6 years old when his obession with Disney started. He received a VHS tape of Alice In Wonderland for his birthday and immediately became obsessed with it. He would watch it everyday after getting home from school. His obession is what made him known as the Disney "fanboy"

2. Snow White On Snapchat (Face Swap)

As Anik grew older he began recreating fan art with different characters. Instead of drawing them how they really look he adds his own touch to it.

He usually gets random ideas on different characters to edit. He doesn't have a specific method of what character he will recreate he just brings his touch of creativity to life.

3. Front Facing Camera Struggle

“These characters have stuck with me since childhood, so it kinda came naturally for me to make fan arts of them. But instead of
‘remaking’ them in my own aesthetic style, I put a naughty twist on them,” Anik says.

4. A Whole New Wooooo...

Jasmine’s first flight on a magic carpet
Jasmine’s first flight on a magic carpet

After creating a few fan art he realized he had grabbed some attention from people all over and noticed they were sharing his work on instagram. That's when he knew he was on to something.

5. Pizza Is Life

Give me carbs
Give me carbs

Muksin kept posting his Disney recreations and after some time realized people kept resharing his work on instagram. He kept getting positive DMs and comments about his work.

6. Your Tagged Pictures Be Like

Anik realized people connect and relate to his art, after all we all grew up with Disney movies. "I guess they blend so well with our everyday life because they are so well known,” he said.

7. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom…”

8. Eating An Apple Instead Of Carbs Got Me Like...

9. “What do you mean she’s prettier than me…?”

10. It Ain't Easy Being Beautiful

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