At The End You Will Regret Losing The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Your Shit Together

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At The End You Will Regret Losing The Woman Who Waited For You To Get Your Shit Together

I don't fault any woman for being crazy about her man. A woman that is constantly checking you, challenging you and holding you accountable is not crazy at all, she's passionate about you and your potential to be the best.

A woman that wants the best for you will not settle for mediocre. She will push you because she sees your potential. She will hold you accountable when you are wrong.

She's not a woman who will sit around watching you struggle, she will be by your side helping you get yourself together, but don't take her for granted, because just like she can easily be there for you she can easily not be. Her self love won't allow it.

Being with a good woman is a priviledge that shouldn't be taken for granted. Don't allow your ego to lose sight of her. She is the type of woman that will love your imperfections.

She will love you for the man that you are. There is nothing she won't do for you and the relationship.

Her greatest power is self love, and she expects to be loved in the same capacity that she's willing to. Take the time to learn her love language, if you pay close attention you will realize the simplicity of her ways.

She simply wants you to make her feel loved and protected. She wants to feel secure, she doesn't want to have to guess where she stands in the relationship.

What she requires doesn't require money to keep her happy. All she wants is for you to put forth effort into the relationship. Show her that you want her and only her.

Show her you want more than just the basics of the relationship. You want to build a solid foundation for the both of you. Show her that you want to take it to the next level, not just on some boyfriend/girlfriend type thing.

Every woman wants to feel secure enough to say "that's all me." If she treats you right and is always there by your side make sure you do the same for her. Pour into her, she needs that.

It's not everyday you will come across a woman who is willing to struggle with you until you get your sh*t together. So if you have a woman like that in your life appreciate her.

She wants consistency. She doesn't want to have to be playing the guessing game with you. Are you really about her or not? She doesn't have time for the mind games.

Don't make her feel like your world one day and then ignore her the next. That's childish behavior that has no room in her life. She wants to consistently be loved right without having to keep reminding you like you're a child.

A good woman doesn't mind being single, if being single means she is happy. Her peace of mind matters and if you can't give her that she can't afford to keep you in her life.

She is a good woman but far from stupid. Pull your weight and watch her love you like no other. She is the type of woman that will be there for you through thick and thin. Tough times don't scare her.

What scares her is wasting her time on a man who never had any intentions to grow with her. What scares her is giving her all and walking away empty handed. Get yourself together, you owe it to her and to yourself.

She loves like no other and will hold you down but she's far from stupid. If you take her love for granted she will, you will leave her with no other choice but to walk away.

There comes a point in every woman's life when she becomes tired. Tired of the excuses, tired of the games, tired of the explanations, tired of the lies, tired of caring.

Tired of the onlything she gets in return for her loyalty, is a new reason not to be. When this happens, you have two choices. Either love her, or leave her alone. If you're smart you'll make the decision before she makes it for you.

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