Be My Peace I Have Enough Pain

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Be My Peace I Have Enough Pain

Throughout the years i have learned that if i'm going to have someone in my life it has to be someone who can bring me peace and not interrupt it. Life is stressful enough to add more stress to it.

Love is as love does and we are too old to be dealing with people who we have to babysit. Nobody wants to be with someone they have to look over their shoulders to make sure they are acting right.

We have to love ourselves enough to feel good when we have to walk away from being unloved. It's ok to walk away from someone who makes you miserable. Sometimes people know before you do that they're time in your life has expired.

Your love is not cheap and not meant to be taken for granted. If they can't act right show them the way to the door, they are only blocking your blessing from finding you.

When you have to walk away from someone who cannot or will not love you the way you deserve and want to be loved, don't leave your heart behind.

You cannot move on with a heart stuck in yesterday or with emotions that crave what's finished. Cutting ties is not always easy but trust the truth you don't have anything to gain by letting your destiny be held hostage by your history.

Some of our greatest battles are caused by not taking our hands off of what is not meant to be. It’s not always easy to understand where our fight ends. It's normal to feel upset, to be distracted and consumed by our heart's desire and our mind.

They wronged you, they hurt you, and yet they act like you are the one that's in the wrong. Sometimes, you have to choose to hurt yourself temporarily by leaving, over staying and letting somebody hurt you for a lifetime.

Loving somebody does not always mean that they loved you means that you gave love...that’s it

Stop allowing a man who does so little for you take up so much of your mental. Your peace of mind is worth more than dealing with a man who can't respect your boundaries.

Your heart breaks at the thought of having to walk away from the person who has your heart and the thought of letting go of all future plans hurts. Your heart will break when you lose the person whom you wanted forever with, but you will be at peace while you put the pieces back together.

Don't ruin your joy and peace of mind by dealing with a man who makes you feel so miserable. Own your life and dismiss anyone who tries to destroy the peace you fought so hard to maintain

Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised. Once you let that sink in you will gather up the strength to walk away from a relationship that is slowly destroying you.

Put a lock on the door to your life to make sure you keep all the extra mess and unnecessary people out. Live this life, don't let life live you.

Your peace is worth more than staying in pieces with someone who takes you for granted. Hold your head up, you did what you had to do... You chose to hurt yourself temporarily by leaving instead of staying and letting someone hurt you for a lifetime.

You loved them, you gave it your all, but they couldn't reciprocate it back. Sometimes we have to recognize that we weren’t in a relationship, we were in a one sided situation.

You didn’t lose love when you lost them...they lost love, you gained your peace back, your joy back, your self-respect back. If you haven’t gained yet, it’s because you haven’t healed yet...the best thing that ever happened to you is release from a situation that didn’t reciprocate or appreciate you.

-IG: Note2SelfQuotes

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