Choose Her Over Everything

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Choose Her Over Everything

You have areas in your life that need your attention, improvement, growth and completion. The more you invest in yourself the less time you have to bother with things or people that subtract from your growth.

Life has knocked you down a few times but you still managed to inspire yourself to keep going, and you are up for any challenge life throws at you. Here are 5 things that make the woman you are becoming worth losing people, and relationships that don't respect your boundaries.

1. You No Longer Allow Toxic People Into Your Space

You've allowed too many toxic people to hang around you for far too long and it came with a price. Dealing with them contaminated your life. You started to feel stressed and angry all the time.

As soon as you learned to officially cut these people out of your life without cutting your joy you regained your sense of self again. No more dealing with people who drained the life out of you.

2. You Have Learned From Your Mistakes

You often found yourself making the same mistakes until you wised up and stopped repeating them. No matter what or who had to go those mistakes from the past made you a lot wiser.

Your sanity and peace of mind mean too much to allow past mistakes to repeat themselves so you simply moved on.

3. You Have A High Level Of Self Respect

Only when self love rises up in us can we see that we've been selling ourselves short. The old you allowed some people to disrespect you out of fear of losing them.

The new you doesn't care who stays or who goes. Your self respect comes first and whomever can't respect your boundaries is not welcomed in your life.

4. You Enjoy Your Singleness

You are in no rush to jump into a relationship. Being single allows you to enjoy your own company and the company of those who matter the most.

You much rather be single and happy than being with someone who makes you miserable.

5. You Are Learning To Walk Away

Walking away is not always easy, specially if the person you are walking away from means a lot to you. However, you are learning that walking away doesn't make you a bad person, if the people you are walking away from drain the joy out of your life.

Some people are better being loved from a distance than to keep them in your circle and keep allowing them to treat you any type of way.

The woman you are becoming is worth losing things and people that don't add to your value. They don't know how hard it's been. They don't know the faith it took to keep a smile on your face while your heart was in pieces.

You have worn hurt well, you have masked pain well, you've made people feel good while you were feeling like you were going to die. That's why you have developed the attitude of "if it's meant to be it will be" because at this point in your life you are choosing you over anything or anyone that doesn't add value to your life.

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