Come Correct Or Leave Me Alone

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Come Correct Or Leave Me Alone

Back when we were younger flings were no big deal, but the older we get we realize there's more to life than temporary flings and casual hook ups. The texting back and forth but never meeting up gets old real quick.

We crave and desire a love we can grow old with. Someone with potential who wants to build a future and not just live for the moment.

I'm searching for someone i can depend on to be my right hand. Someone who gives me a reason to let my guard down. I'm tired of letting someone in just to be disappointed. I don't want to get to know someone half way.

There's no point in investing so much of yourself if you are not trying to build a solid foundation and go past the talking phase.

I want someone who is on the same page. One who is willing to love me even on my worst days. Someone who is willing to fix the problems we face instead of walking away.

Someone who understands that life will always test us but is willing to face things head on.

I want someone who enjoys the simplicity of life. Life is hard as it is to have to be dealing with somone who makes it harder to go through the days. I want someone who is worth settling down with.

Someone who doesn't make me question their intentions with me. I want one person i can trust wholeheartedly, no mind games, no dishonesty just all in all a mature type of love.

I'm tired of dealing with temporary love, temporary people who want to come into my life and play games. Im tired of giving someone my all and all i get in return is a broken heart.

This new modern day dating has exhausted me to the point where if something or someone seems off i'm off it immediately. Why continue to invest my heart into someone who is not worthy of it?

At the end of the day i rather be single than to settle down with someone who fails to love me in the same capacity i am willing to.

Accepting anything less would mean cheating myself out of finding the right one or the right one finding me.

I want a serious relationship, i am too old to be dealing with someone who doesn't know what they want. What's for me will be for me effortlessly.

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