Crazy How They Beg For A Second Chance

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Crazy How They Beg For A Second Chance

Don't sit in a relationship with a man who is comfortable with disrespecting you and cheating you out of the love you deserve.

Biggest mistake you can make is allowing a man to come into your life and feed you excuses on why you should accept less than you deserve. You will look back years later wishing you had walked away sooner.

Respect is everything in a relationship. You have to make a man respect your time, mind, opinion, and body. If he's too busy let him go. If he finds it easy to cheat on you let him go. It's not worth wasting your energy.

A man who gets caught cheating is only sorry for the simple fact that he got caught. A man apologizing and promising to change is only a feeble attempt at convincing you that he is sorry.

How many times did he cheat on you before he got caught? And why is he sorry now, is he really sorry or is he only sorry because you found out? He begs for your forgiveness just to turn around and do the same thing.

A relationship built on the false notion that one deserves more or better than the other, will work for a while or as long as someone has low self-esteem. A relationship feeds everybody full...mind, body and soul...unless it is lopsided.

A lopsided, unhealthy relationship will eventually cause resentment...when the one being cheated wakes up. If the only way they can love you is by cheating you out of the love you deserve, by making you resent being emotionally starved, they are the wrong one.

You are a gift. Nothing and nobody changes that. Plans for your life don't change because of who you're with or because of someone's inability to fulfill God's plans for your life. You're worthy and valuable whether someone can or does treasure it does not change it's value or purpose.

Your powerful potential is determined by your value, not if someone sees it. If he's inconsistent and disrespectful let him go. Don't ever let a man mistreat, and ignore you. Feed you lies about how much he loves you everytime he gets caught cheating.

Don't sit in a relationship that robs you of the love you deserve. If they can't respect you enough to be committed to you remove yourself from that toxic relationship and heal the broken pieces left.

A man that really loves you will not put himself in a position to lose you. He understands that the woman he has at home is not worth losing over a few minutes of pleasure.

Learn to cut ties with any man that doesn't bring you happiness because the longer you hold on the more hurt you will be in the end. Save yourself some grief and heartache and find someone that finds value in having you.

Stop allowing the man you are with disrespect you and block you from meeting the man who will treat you the way you deserve. Someone who dates you, talks to you, and finds time for you daily just to show you he is thinking about you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be treated right.

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