Dating While Damaged Will Prolong Your Healing Process

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Dating While Damaged Will Prolong Your Healing Process

It’s time to stop the cycle. You can’t drink away the hurt, smoke away the hurt, f*** away the hurt, sleep all day, or wait for someone to save you from your own thoughts. It’s on you!

Just because you’re damaged doesn’t mean you’re broken. If you’re single it feels hopeless when you realize that for anyone to love you they will have to learn you, and when your past is filled with mistakes you wonder who would want that.

If you’re in a relationship that’s struggling it feels as if the only option is to put up with it because who else would accept you in your current state except the devil you know. Stop feeding into negativity and regain faith in yourself.

There is nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed over time and no trauma that can’t be healed with self-love. Life may not have given you the results you were expecting, but that doesn’t mean your story can’t change overnight. Don’t just say “I deserve better” mean it.

If you lie to yourself long enough, being comfortable starts to feel the same as being happy—but it’s not real. Do you truly love yourself or are you just stuck in a body living a life that you can’t change so you make do? Here’s an idea… Instead of avoiding all your issues let’s lift that rug where you’ve hidden all the things you’re ashamed of, and start to glue your life back together.Talk to yourself about rebuilding because if you can’t build with yourself how can you ever convince another person to build with you?

A damaged woman will almost always attract a damaged man. Let’s keep it real, you wish you had someone who was brave enough to sit you down and ask why you’re hurting. You wish a man cared enough to try and understand and fix you, so you pour all this love into their problems hoping it’s reciprocated…but it never is.

You waste all your time and energy on a guy that either runs off with another girl or is content to have you waiting around until he decides if he wants more.

Somewhere in your life story there is an incident or setback that you’re clinging onto that continues to hold you back and you’re the only one that can pull that out. You can talk to your mother or father. You can track down an ex and have closure. You can get surgery to be more visually appealing.

You can get straight A’s or amass a huge savings account… none of that is going to stomp out the way you feel about yourself. The fake smile you call “life” needs to be wiped away so you can finally admit that you’re not happy living this way.

There is nothing so horrible that you can’t recover from it! You must find the courage to dig into whatever you hate about your life and address that because no one else will ever care enough to do it for you.

There is nothing wrong with investing in a therapy session, talking to your true friends, or writing down all the ways where you feel weak or insecure so you can set a goal to repair each of those areas day by day.

The answer to moving towards who you were always meant to be starts with ridding yourself of the person that’s been holding you back. Each one of you was innocent until the world darkened you, and you owe it to yourself to find a way back to that place.

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