Do Whatever It Takes To Get Yourself Back

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Do Whatever It Takes To Get Yourself Back

When you walk away from anything that was not meant for you don't ever walk back and expect the second time around to be different. Closing a chapter in your life is not always easy but when reopening it takes you back to a place you no longer belong in, closing it is not an option.

You have too much to lose to revisit places and people that brought out the worst in you. Learn to see the good in goodbye, you owe yourself a better version of who you are, and who you are becoming.

You have to have a life before you can have the ability to know what adding value to your life looks like. Any relationship whether a friendship or romantic one that does not bear fruit, actions that add value, increases your quality of life, or has the ability to add meaning to your life is a relationship you don't need.

Take your life back. You've cried enough and given it enough time. You've put your happiness on hold long enough. Turn the page and say goodbye to what was and speak life over what's in store for you.

Don't question why things happened the way they did. Some things we will never know the answers to, so it's best to let them be and start living life. Tomorrow is not promised for any of us.

Do whatever it takes to make you feel real again even if that means putting certain people out of your life. In this season there will be no more struggle, no more holding on, no more holding on to people who are not holding on to you.

In this season you will manifest the desires of your heart.

In order to find yourself again you have to be willing to forgive those who have done you wrong. Let life deal with them in the long run. But don't stop your blessings from flowing because of unforgiveness.

Forgiveness is not for them, forgiveness prevents you from living your days married to hate. Don't allow someone who is not even sorry for what they've done to you have so much power over you. Let it go and heal that part of you.

Don't let your recovery from past trauma hold you back from living your best life. Don't continue to keep people in your life who have become a burden because of their own stupid choices. You need people who motivate and inspire your growth.

Your greatness is your priority now. Whatever you're overcoming, recovering, or breaking out of let that be your motivation to release your addiction to people who contaminate your greatness.

You get to decide who belongs in your personal circle and who doesn't. The life you deserve and the life you have worked so hard for comes with a price. Let go of anyone that is holding you down.

This is your life, don't let people dictate how you should live it. From this point on prioritize who you were created to be. Nobody owns your truth. Don't make excuses for people who don't fit in to your circle. Make plans and love you on purpose.

Don't sit in a defeated mindset, complaining about right now. Right now is temporary. Everybody who comes into your life is not meant to be there permanently. Know the difference between who you were meant to be with and who you were meant to grow from and let go.

Your life is a journey of lessons and losses that constantly grow you beyond your now. Don't let what happened yesterday, or today define your tomorrow. Living a great life is possible only when you embrace the magic of new beginnings.

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