Every Let Down Causes Her Energy To Change Towards You

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Every Let Down Causes Her Energy To Change Towards You

What a woman really needs is for you be the same man you were when you were trying to get her attention and win her heart. A man that she can rely on, look up to and remain happy to be in love with.

The main thing to remember is that, as long as you are guiding both you and her into deeper feelings of respect, attraction and love over time everything else will come natural.

But you can't expect a woman to keep the same energy if you fail at doing the simple things, like keeping your word. Multiple let downs cause women to start losing interest, she wants someone who is dependable.

1. Learn Her Love Language

There is no greater feeling in the world than the thrill that you experience at the beginning of a relationship. Everything feels exciting and new, and in your eyes your woman can do no wrong, and she thinks you’re perfect.

However, once the dust has settled, it’s up to you as the man to take the relationship from the fantasy, everything-is-so-perfect stage, and lead both of you to a deeper, more enduring love and attraction. To do that you need to make sure that you’re not saying one thing and doing another.

2. Make Her Feel Important

Life happens, and one of the first things to suffer are relationships. She understands you have responsibilities but never make her feel like she is not important enough to make some time for her.

Everytime you plan to spend time with her and cancel, it's a let down. Too many of those and she will start to question whether you really into her or not. She doesn't want to have to beg for your time.

3. Make Her Feel Attractive

Before your woman even met you, she spent a lot of time making herself look attractive (e.g. by dressing in sexy, revealing clothes, wearing makeup, doing her hair) to attract the type of man who would not only appreciate her efforts, but would also take the time to make her feel even more attractive and sexy in his eyes.

It's a let down for any woman for her man to compliment other women but fails to compliment his own. She starts to feel like she is no longer attractive to her man. Its bad when you have other men complimenting the woman you claim to love but fail at showing it.

4. Lead Her

That doesn’t mean that what women need from men in a relationship is for a man to boss them around. It simply means that a woman wants to know that she can relax into her feminine self, knowing that her man has things handled and is leading the way for them both to a better future.

It's a let down for a woman to have to play the role of her man too because he lacks leadership. She wants to know that she can count on you. The more she feels like you are not pulling your weight the less attractive you become. Therefore you can't expect her energy towards you to be that of a happy woman.

Love is as love does. Do right by her, and she will do right by you.

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