Give Me Consistency Or Don't Bother Introducing Yourself

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Give Me Consistency Or Don't Bother Introducing Yourself

Great relationships aren't between perfect people, they're between people who have the same picture of what they're working towards. Love is not simply a feeling, it's an agreement.

You cannot have a great relationship with someone whose picture of great disagrees with yours. Consistency in any relationship is key to make things work, no relationship is perfect but every relationship can get through anything if you are consistent in your actions.

Don't bother introducing a vibe you can't maintain. The greatest love is between two people who have something the other doesn't and they are humble enough to accept it.

If your vibe is not on that level don't even bother. She's looking for someone who is consistent in their actions. She's tired of the endless talks that end up nowhere.

If the love is real being cosistent with your partner shouldn't be a big deal. Love doesn't need what love already has.

Romance shouldn't stop once a relationship has reached a certain stage. Romance is as equally as important in the beginning of the relationship and once the relationship has been established.

Most men get the woman they wanted and become too comfortable in the relationship they stop doing the very things she fell in love with.

Romance is not limited to going out. Sometimes a simple stay at home cooking dinner together means a lot more than going out and spending a huge amount of money.

A woman that really appreciates her man's effort doesn't mind dinner and a movie at home. Those moments are the most special to her because its nobody around but the two of you.

Life can be rough as it is. Be consistent in being the man that you were at the beginning of the relationship. Don't lose sight of her by becoming complacent.

Ladies, don't get too comfortable that you stop doing the things you did for him at the beginning as well. Consistency is key for the both of you if the relationship is going to last. Neither of you can afford to lose sight of each other.

Be consistent in showing each other love. Don't allow life and everything that happens in it take a toll on the relationship. Every great relationship comes with trial, but great relationships work through them.

Try making love standing up - - with words, with behavior, with regular and consistent acts that honor and cherish. It takes work and maturity to make real love, and when we do, the feeling lasts for a lifetime rather than 15 minutes.

We have to stop expecting love from emotionally inconsistent people. It takes work to have and to grow real love, intentional, sacrificial, difficult, forgiving, and consistent love.

It's important to always maintain the vibe and connection from day one. If its consistently worked on, it will never die. It's hard to get that back when you lose it, it's easier to keep when you have it.

Love searches the soul and challenges us out of our comfort zone our past and shines a flood light on our afflictions. If you don't let your faith fail, the love of your life will become the love of your lifetime through consistent effort and work.

Love when taken seriously can be the most rewarding feeling. But love can only last when two mature people want it and work for it. Real love is not meant for people who are not sure of what they want.

If someone acts as if though they have options, let them go and save your heart for the one who doesn't mind showing you consistently that they want you in their life.

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