He Would've Showed You

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He Would've Showed You

A woman cannot make a man grow up. No amount of love will or can make a man be a man – not from his woman. A man won't grow up from his woman's love...He might "grow" from his woman leaving.

When men see a woman they like they will pursue and court. The courtship stage can bring out actors and representatives when the person needs to pretend.

Everybody knows what we're supposed to act like to get what we want. A woman cannot know the man who has showed up for the part except by time and pressure.

Over time and under pressure, an immature man or a man who wants his partner to cater to him will show up, always. Boys play hide and seek but they cannot hide forever.

Love is not what you do, love is why you do what you do -- daily, to tell someone that they mean the world to you -- if they do. When a man finds the woman he wants to be with you do not have to chase him, he will chase you.

If you have to chase him, either he doesn't see your crown or he does not believe you are the one. You do not have to prove your value to a man who sees your worth. Except for the immature or the insecure. A man who sees your worth will esteem your value.

We've all wanted what we wanted when we wanted it so bad that we were willing to do anything to get it. Sometimes we can want something desperately or too quickly, for different reasons, and we go overboard doing for someone before realizing that it's expected and not reciprocated or healthy.

You find yourself trying to love them into loving you the way you want to be loved, yet they act like you are annoying and simply an option in their life.

A man's capacity to love you is a reflection of condition yours and his. Men don't have a problem with commitment. A man is not afraid of commitment with somebody he's afraid to lose.

A man is not going to let a gift, a blessing go under any circumstances and he's not going to run from commitment.

A boy will mess up the best thing that could've ever happened to him, a man will value it and protect it. A boy will rent cars, houses and women his whole life, the average man will never choose renting over owning – anything.

A boy wants you to be available forever, a man will never leave a gift exposed forever. A man knows greatness is rare and has options, a boy does not know the difference between a diamond and Cubic Zirconia.

If a man doesn't want you, it's because he doesn't want you. Period. Don't fall for the mind games, ladies. The greatest power you have is self love. Love yourself with the same love you are trying to love a man and you will never fall victim to a no good dude whose only intentions are to manipulate his way into the cookie jar.

Don't dismiss any red flags waving at you in the beginning, because once you catch feelings those same red flags you dismissed will be the same red flags causing you heartbreak!

The wrong man wants to "play house." He wants to be in a relationship but doesn't want to spend time with you. He wants to sleep with you but doesn't want to commit to you. He wants all the benefits without any of the responsibility.

The right man however, is not about playing house. He's about working with you to build one. A place of peace and security where all your worries stop at the front door. The right man is looking to create a love so real with you that you will feel his heart worthy enough to make it your home!

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