Her Heart Is Tired Of Giving People Chances They Do Not Deserve

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Her Heart Is Tired Of Giving People Chances They Do Not Deserve

Every woman reaches a point where she gets tired of the nonsense, that her only option to walk away and never look back.

When you genuinely love someone you tend to give them chance after chance to make things right because you can't see yourself giving up on someone you love.

Even if they are hurting you in the process, you want to believe that someone is capable of changing their ways. So you stay and you forgive in hopes that one day they will live up to their potential.

Sound familiar? Many of us have been in relationships where we are not appreciated and get stuck being with someone who will never live up to the person we wish them to become.

We stick around because we see their potential. We allow their potential to become what we want them to be, keep us in one sided relationships.

It's not easy to just walk away, so we give chance after chance just to end up back at square one.

Those of us who are empath find it harder to walk away from someone we love. We fall for the change they promise and in the end we end up hurting ourselves because as much as we wanted to believe they could change, we knew they wouldn't.

Some of us are too forgiving and that's what sets us up to be disappointed time and time again. We allow our heart to make all the decisions and ignoring what our mind knows to be true.

There comes a point though where enough becomes enough. You grow tired of dealing with a man who promises to change with words but fails to show you through his actions.

You get tired of being so forgiving just to get hurt in the end. You get tired of the back and forth and the nonsense they seem to be good at. When that time comes second chances are no longer an option.

I believe in second chances because everyone deserves an opportunity to right their wrongs. But second chances shouldn't become chance three, four, or five.

The more chances you give someone the less respect they start to have for you. They start to get too comfortable in thinking that they can do you wrong and that you will forgive them.

When the chances you keep giving someone turn into hurt that's when it's time to let go. Letting go does not mean that you no longer love them, it just means you love yourself more than to settle for the hurt they keep causing.

Some people will test your patience but also the love you have for yourself. You have to be willing to love yourself more in order to move on from someone who does not deserve you.

When you finally wake up you realize life is much better alone than with someone you have to convince to do right by you.

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