Here’s Why It’s Important To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members

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Here’s Why It’s Important To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members

Sometimes, we must face the cold hard truth that some people, even those closes to us, are mean and negative about anything we do.

If you ask us, there’s really nothing more devastating than distancing yourself from close family members. Family ties are one of the strongest bonds we experience and there’s a reason why.

Our closest family members are always besides us in good or bad. However, these relationships can be far to painful to maintain sometimes and can create deep scars in our soul. After all, family members should always be there for us and are not expected to hurt us.

Sometimes, we must face the cold hard truth that some people, even those closes to us, are mean and negative about anything we do. These toxic people must be cut out of our life if we want to live a normal life.

You’re better off without these toxic people and sometimes, we must put ourselves first. Our physical and mental health is far more important than the negativity of some people – it might be hard to cut off a family member from your life, but sometimes it is necessary.

If you’re wondering how to recognize toxic family members, here are 5 signs that can help:

They Live On Drama

If someone from your family exposes your deepest fears to everyone and feeds off drama, you need to avoid them. These people will never miss the chance to degrade you in front of others and criticize you, which can be detrimental for your mental health. If you want to keep your mental composure, you need to cut these people from your life no matter what.

They Are Judgmental

Constructive criticism is a healthy thing when it comes from someone close to you. However, constant judging and unjustified criticism can ruin your self-confidence. These family members are too toxic for your mental health and should be cut off from your life.

They Are Only There When They need Something

Toxic family members will only be there when they need something from you. They will usually come to you for emotional comfort and as soon as they get what they wanted, they will disappear again. You don’t need them in your life as they will use anything at their disposal to manipulate you. You’re far better off without them.

They Jump Between The Positive And Negative

Toxic family members will jump between positive and negative reinforcement anytime they can. They will praise you in one moment and insult you in another, making you doubt yourself. If you try to ignore them, they won’t stand it and will do everything in their power to regain their control. Their approvals are usually short-lived and come with consequences, so it’s better to avoid them.

They Gaslight You

If a family member never admits to doing something wrong when everyone knows it’s not true, you should cut ties with them. The so-called gaslighting technique has the goal of sowing the seed of doubt in a victim which can make them feel powerful and question their sanity.

Stay away from these people any way you can. Although there are ways of sustaining a relationship with toxic family members, cutting them off from your life is still the best way to go.

In this way, you’ll manage to stay sane and avoid any consequences. Of course, cutting ties with a close family member like a parent can be a challenge. Still, you need to consider your own mental health, as some situations can escalate to the point of being impossible to live with these people.

Even when you do remove these people from your life, you will still feel sad and guilty. However, you must understand that sometimes it’s best to sacrifice something in order to protect yourself. Sometimes, it’s best to learn from pain – it’s just a normal process of moving on. It might take some time to recover from the experience, but you’ll come out a better person off it.

The love and support you need don’t exclusively come from family members. You can get them both from your partner or your friends, so don’t stick to a toxic family member just because you need love. Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a much better person.

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