Turn The Page And Let It Go

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Turn The Page And Let It Go

This is your time to let people go who aren't going in the same direction as you are. It's time to declutter your emotions, and make room for healthy connections and relationships that support you.

Living on purpose is not easy, and when we carry emotional weights, and emotional distractions, our soul stays tired.

Sometimes, letting go is the only way that you can save yourself, get your mind right and guard your heart. If it costs you your peace its too expensive.

Letting go can be a painful process but necessary. It's 2020 no more dealing with people who can't respect your boundaries.

If the two of you are meant to be, love will eventually find a way. But if you're not meant to be, it's best to love each other enough to let go. Letting go is never easy.

Letting go of someone who is not meant for you might hurt for a while, but once that hurt is no longer there you will understand why it was necessary.

Sometimes letting go is the only option we have if we want to save ourselves and our sanity. Some people are not worth holding onto if all they bring to your life is drama.

Relationships can be had with different people, on different levels and for different reasons. Every relationship in your life has to be evaluated from time to time to figure out who is adding value and who is simply making withdrawals without making any deposits.

You cannot have lifetime love with everybody, only one somebody. One of the hardest love decisions we will ever have to make in life is to love someone enough to let them go in order to save the relationship.

You can't afford to keep everyone around, some people are merely distractions in your life. Growth sometimes means letting go of people holding you back from building a solid future, their negative energy has no place in your life.

Let go. You’re not going to get better, make them change or make them come back by letting it rob you of your peace. What is for you is for you, who is meant for you is not going to leave you.

Get out of your feelings and embrace a new beginning. A new chapter. It's after you let go that you will realize that you were holding on to nothing.

The difficulty we have with letting go, is letting go of the idea that there was something more that you could have done. You didn't let go before you did all you could do. You didn't just wake up one day and decide it was over.

You went through living hell, you tried everything you knew how and when they proved that they didn't want what you wanted, wouldn't do the work and refused to stop the bleeding, you let go.

You didn't let go because you wanted to, you let go to save your life and to prepare your life for the love meant for you.

It will hurt -- because you wanted it to work. Keep reminding yourself that hurting yourself temporarily was necessary to keep you from hurting yourself for a lifetime. Turn the chapter, it gets better.

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