I Knew, It Was Just Hard Letting Go

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I Knew, It Was Just Hard Letting Go

The longer you sit in your emotions thinking about who was not meant to be, the longer it will take for you heal. You cannot meet the one made for you until you walk away from your past and heal from your history.

You have to be willing to cry your last cry and see the good in goobye when you finally recognize that someone is no longer for you. Love yourself enough to want better for you. You can't see clear when your brokenness is leading the way.

You will miss your blessings dealing with someone you know is no longer for you but you still stick around hoping things will change.

Being healed from who hurt you helps you see people clearer and reveals who they really are. It's hard to see with blinders on. Let people go who feel the need to prove that they can walk.

Walking is easy, we all have that option -- you need a fighter in your life, not a quitter.

Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with not loving them...it has to with loving yourself. Sometimes, we have to walk away from people to keep from walking away from loving ourselves.

It takes strength to love and walk away from someone you still love but know is no longer for you. Don't let your emotions have you doing overtime in a season. Let it go and open up the door to bigger blessings.

Your love is a priviledge and some people are better off being loved from a distance. They can't have the privilege of your love without the responsibilities of your love.

You didn't lose by walking away. They lost the best thing that happened to them, but immaturity won't allow them to see the blessing they had in front of their face.

Respect yourself enough to say, "I deserve love," and be willing to walk away from people who emotionally, physically or behaviorally disagree.

Your love comes with boundaries that need to be respected. Some people get too comfortable in relationships they forget those boundaries are still place regardless of the love you feel for them.

Love desires love and when we don't validate and justify our emotions based on compatible love, we can sometimes wind up loving a person who is unqualified or incapable of loving us the way we desire and deserve to be loved.

When you walk away from what's not meant for you, don't walk back and expect a different outcome. Closing a chapter in your life is not always easy but when reopening it takes you backwards, closing it is not an option. Your future is too important to keep replaying your past.

It's not always easy to separate love from the person we love because emotionally, they are one in the same but the truth is, we are imperfect people learning how to overcome self so that love can flow through us uninhibited.

A man carries pain with a silent scream that can only be heard when you scrape his wound. A woman carries pain like her baby, and it will scream whenever it needs to be fed. Love won't heal you but the right love will provide a reason for you to heal yourself.

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