I Rather Be Single And Know What I Want

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I Rather Be Single And Know What I Want

I'm not one that stays in a relationship and be miserable just to say i have someone.

I’m not one to stay in a noxious relationship and be miserable, afraid of being lonely. While many of us are conditioned to endure and persist no matter what, I have always differed; always left a door that was marked ‘walkout.’

People have advised me to stay on just because that’s what everybody does. But I’m the only one who really knows what I am entitled to and anything less would be unfair. I have known pain once too often and waited for the storm to pass. But some things never change, and one of them is an indifferent and inconsiderate relationship.

Life has taught me a few things and maybe sharing it will help.

1. I’m Fine Just The Way I Am

You might feel being alone may be awful but believe me, it is a lot better than persisting with anyone who won’t let you be yourself. I refuse to be anyone but myself. And as I’ve seen what it is to be controlled, I’ll always be twice shy.

2. Being Alone Isn’t Being Lonely

I can be lonely in a crowd and feel alive and connected when I’m by myself. Being in a relationship won’t blow away all our loneliness.

3. Don’t Like Surprises

The pressure is always there- to be different, interesting; anything to keep it alive. I’m sure I’m anything but tiresome but performing 24/7 takes its toll. If you are not with the right person, the novelty eventually wears off.

4. Don’t Want To Be With A Stranger

Maybe I’m choosy about people. But then I’d rather err on the side of caution. It has happened to me before. I’ve gone into a relationship only to find that some people hide their true self rather well.

5. My Friends Matter

My friends were there forever and if anybody has a problem with that then I’m sorry. Yes, a relationship means a certain amount of sacrifice but there is life outside. You can’t be expected to wipe your slate clean.

6. I Am Happy Following My Dreams

Though I’m willing to be a part of someone’s life, wishes, and desires, I also want to live my life. It can mean anything, maybe a desire to take a day off doing nothing. I’m game when someone loves their own periods of total freedom and I would rather have it the same way.

7. No Compromise On Cheating

I’ve been honest in my relationships and I expect it to be reciprocated. I’ve endured the pain and humiliation of being cheated before, have been devastated to find that I was not the one in their heart. It had left me feeling discarded.

8. Let’s Be Honest

I can stand the truth. And that is how a relationship should be. An honest admission solves many problems and strengthens a relationship.

9. Don’t Misread Me

I am never vague or evasive and don’t believe in doling out half-truths. If somebody listens to only a part of what I have to say, that is not my problem.

10. I Don’t Fear Being Alone

What frightens me is giving it all up for someone who doesn’t even care about it. In the end, all your efforts have never even been noticed, let alone appreciated.

They all say that you will meet someone around the corner. I’ve turned them all and met people all the time but somehow it never worked out. Maybe it is a sign of strength.


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