I Rather Be Single Than Be Taken For Granted

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I Rather Be Single Than Be Taken For Granted

We've all made the mistake of staying or jumping into a relationship that we should've never even bothered with at some point in our lives. Did overtime in a seasonal relationship.

Wasted valuable time on someone we should have dismissed the minute they showed their true colors, but we held on in hopes that our love would be enough to make the relationship work.

If their behavior loved you, you would still be with them. Their words and their behavior didn't match. So you chose yourself over being miserable.

You chose yourself over being emotionally drained sitting around feeling sorry for yourself pretending to be happy rather than in a loving relationship.

Your self love refuses to settle down with just anybody just to say you have somebody. You have taken the time to heal and find yourself all over again to allow just anyone to walk into your life.

Self love has given you the awareness you were missing when you were walking around blind folded over someone that didn't deserve you.

All the heartbreaks you have experienced have given you a new outlook on life. You are a lot wiser and have zero tolerance for behavior that contradicts with how you deserve to be treated and loved.

The things you let them get away with back then are the very things that will get them removed out of your life now. Single doesn't mean you are hard to love. It means you know what you deserve, anything less doesn't get the time of day.

You have come to love your space and peace of mind to allow just anyone to come into your life and put you in the same state of mind you worked so hard to get out of.

You rather stay single because you're tired of giving your everything and ending up with nothing. You are just unavailable now. You rather be single than unhappy. It's personal.

For you being single at this point is better than being with the wrong person. Nobody seems to be taking relationships serious now a days. So you rather be single than to have someone making you look stupid.

Your mental health comes first. Feeling good about yourself is your number one priority. Someone who doesn't have the decency to be mature and handle your heart is someone who doesn't deserve it.

Being single has taught you how to love yourself even more. It has made you appreciate those who are genuinely around for you even more. Life is beautiful and there is no space for unhappiness.

You rather be single because chasing a man is a game and you stopped playing a while back. You deserve he world, even if it means giving it to yourself.

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