I Rather Be Single Than Settle For The Wrong One

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I Rather Be Single Than Settle For The Wrong One

Sometimes low self esteem and the feeling of being lonely create unhealthy bonds that can be hard to break no matter the relationship. When we get with someone just to fill a void we get caught up in the wrong connection that later becomes our hurtful heartbreak.

We have to be truthful with ourselves and be able to discern the reason why we are in relationships that are no good for us. Whatever is unhealed in us creates a connection that becomes an infection not affection.

Infected people create a toxic environment for those around them, specially the person they are with. They are emotionally dysfunctional and use relationships as their drug of choice.

You lay down with an infected person long enough you will soon realize you don't recognize the person you are becoming. You start to feel like the life is being sucked out of you.

There is a difference between your worth and your relationship value. Your worth is based on who you are. Your relationship value is based on what you invest in who you're with.

Many don't understand the importance of investing in their relationship. They are driven by lust and as soon as their lust runs out you are left out in the cold wondering where you went wrong.

No amount of lip service will ever make up for the lack of actions. Relationships without investment are dead. At some point when we're recovering from being loved wrong we find out that we weren't crying over them but more so because we are disappointed in ourselves for ignoring the red flags.

Most of us at some point have stopped loving ourselves in order to love somebody else. Anytime you go into a relationship with someone for the wrong reasons or for the right reasons with the wrong person you will quickly feel drained.

Most of us have been in relationships that have been entirely one sided. We been emotionally wounded and never fully recovered. We self medicate with relationships we don't need.

An unhealthy soul tie will have you laying in bed with someone who is blocking you from your blessing. If a person you don't need can be loved that much, imagine how much you can love somebody you deserve, somebody meant for you, somebody who loves you back, somebody who agrees with your spirit of greatness.

Many of whom we been in relationship with didn't deserve our love and their absence left an empty void in our lives. A void that took some time to get over. A void we had to fill by relearning how to live without them.

Their absence led to rediscovering and loving yourself. It opened your eyes to see the bigger picture. You were giving too much of yourself and receiving nothing in return.

The relationships that hurt you the most also taught you the most valuable lessons. Lessons that you needed in order to become a lot wiser about relationships. A lot wiser about what you require and what you won't put up with.

Just because you let things slide in the past doesn't mean you will let them slide now. They were hard lessons learned but much needed. You came out of those yesterday relationships a lot stronger.

You have found your happiness being in your own company, with quality friends and slowly, started draining the poison of giving the right love to the wrong person. You have reached a point in your life where being single and having a peace of mind is a lot better than laying in bed with the wrong spirit.

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