I Want More, I Deserve More, That's My Final Answer!

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I Want More, I Deserve More, That's My Final Answer!

You rather be the fruit on the tree that a man has to go out of his way to find than being the fruit on the ground that everyone can get. You know what you want and what you deserve, anything less you won't waste your time with.

From this day on if these things are missing be it friendships or relationships im not dealing with the BS.

1. Supportive

I don't mean support me financially, i make my own. But if you are going to be in my life be supportive. Understand that i have my bad days and sometimes i just want someone who can be there for me.

2. Goal Oriented

You know the saying that goes "We are what we eat?" well it's time to re-evaluate the circle of friends and weed out the ones who are genuinely there for you and those that are nothing but drama.

It's important to have friends with goals, that want to do more than just club and drink. Friends that can teach you something that will benefit everyone in the circle.

3. Be Real

Part of people being in your life is they have to be 100 percent real. You already have enough fakes praying for your downfall. The amount of fake people you've dealt with leave little room for anyone to act shady.

It's either keep it real or keep real far away from you.

4. Be Consistent

Inconsistency kills friendships and relationships. Consistency and communication is everything. I don't need anyone who tells me they want me but never shows me.

5. Be All In Or Be All Out

It is 2020 and there's no room for iffy people in your life. Those that are in your life one day and gone the next but show up when they need you.

Men who want you to be a wife to them but don't even qualify to be boyfriend material. Want you one day ghost you the next. Only around when it's convenient to them.

6. Be Loyal

I reward loyalty with loyalty and disloyalty with distance. There's no worse feeling in the world than knowing you been used and lie to by someone you trusted.

From now on the only people who deserve my loyalty are those who never make me question theirs. Once you break my trust i can't re-trust you so be careful how you move when it comes to me.

You have zero tolerance for anyone who won't grown with you. The only people who will have a problem with you doing you are those that refuse to grow up and want to remain living life the same old way.

You are all about improving your life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A healthy you is a better you. Improving your life is goals for you.

Living life simplistically and drama free is what you deserve. You want more and you deserve more even if that means giving it to yourself.

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