I Won't Even Bother

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I Won't Even Bother

Some people might thing that you are holding a grudge against them because you choose to simply distant yourself rather than give energy to something or someone that doesn't deserve it.

You've never had a problem riding solo anyway, so when someone does you dirty it doesn't phase you. You would rather just let it be than get mad about something you have no control over anyway.

Your life motto is 'let them think what they want to think' at the end of the day you only have yourself to answer to.

Here are 5 qualities of a person who is happy and doesn't mind being alone because a peace of mind goes a long way:

1. They Enjoy Their Own Company

Life is beautiful and nothing better than enjoying it loving your own company. You are not the type that needs people around in order to have a good day.

You make the best of your days with or without people. You have learned how to enjoy doing things on your own. Whether it is going out to dinner, or staying at home watching a movie.

2. They are incredibly sharp

People who are happy being alone have mastered the art of not giving a f*** about anyone's opinion. They live their best life regardless of who likes it or not.

They are not easily manipulated into doing anything they don't want to do. People often wonder if something is wrong with them because they are in no rush to jump into a relationship.

3. They Are Confident

Confidence is key when it comes to enjoying life alone. You don't need a group of people to feel confident about yourself. The friendships you've developed are great but you wouldn't feel lost if they ended.

A lack of confidence sometimes brings forth friendships that are toxic but in your case the friendships you do have happened organically not because you needed someone to build you up.

4. They Are Fascinating

People who are okay riding solo are fascinating. They live life to the fullest without allowing outside negative energy affect how they choose to live it up.

They are fun and free and great to talk to. They always have great conversation about whatever topic .

5. A Love For Traveling

Being a solo act allows you to travel more. Planning the next trip is always exciting. You don't have to ask anyone about where they want to go, it's your choice.

Traveling with people is fun, but you don't depend on people to travel the world and develop new friendships.

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