I’d Rather Be Single Than End Up With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

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I’d Rather Be Single Than End Up With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

As we get older we come to realize that certain people are in our life for a season and not meant to stay for the long run. We are no longer fascinated by small talk and putting up with anyone who brings negative vibes into our life.

People love you from the level they’re on. Everybody loves on the same level in the beginning...In the beginning, love is enjoyed without work. When love requires work, sacrifice, compromise, change, forgiveness, growth and surrendering, the children get separated from the grownups. When they show you who they are believe them.

As an adult i have come to terms that i will not settle and would rather be single than deal with someone who does these 8 things:

1. A Man Who Doesn't Take Accountability For His Mistakes

Nothing worse than having to deal with a man who does not hold himself accountable for his wrong doings. Everybody makes mistakes but not everyone is able to accept and learn from them.

2. A Narcissistic Man

I rather be single than to settle down with a narcissist. Been there done that and it was the most hurtful and exhausting relationship i've dealt with.

Narcissistic men have a sense of entitlement that require constant excessive admiration. They are known for demeaning, intimidating, bullying, and belittling those around them.

3. A Man Scared Of Commitment

I been in past relationships where i let a lot of things slide. One of them was allowing a man to string me along in hopes that one day he would commit to me and we would have a long lasting relationship.

But i've come to learn that a man who fears commitment is a man that needs to be left alone. Their lack of commitment controls the outcome of any love relationship, in other words, it goes nowhere.

4. A Man Who Is Constantly Discouraging You

Your man should be your number one fan. The one who supports your visions and goals. He should be encouraging your greatness when you doubt yourself.

If he is constantly discouraging you, then that is someone you don't need in your life. You need a man who can be your support system just as much as you would be his.

5. A Man Who Can't Communicate

The older we get the less tolerance we develop for someone who can't communicate. Relationships are not complicated being with someone who can't communicate their thoughts and feelings is was sets off the start of problems that could have been avoided had they communicated the issue.

We are too old to be dealing with someone whom we have to force words out of.

6. A Man Who Shows Lack Of Affection

After a certain age a man should have a certain level of experience to know women require affection. Every woman wants to feel wanted, loved, and desired by the man she's with.

I've had my share of men whose only time they showed affection was when it came to the bedroom and even that is questionable. I rather be single than to deal with a man i have to force to show me he cares.

7. A Man Who Doesn't Respect The Relationship

It's really discouraging when you are trying to build with someone and they are playing games. A relationship should never be one sided. If they can't respect you and the relationship why be in it? What's the point?

What's the point in being with someone who still has dating profiles and is constantly being caught messaging other women? Single is what i will be and stay that way until i come across someone who values relationships.

8. A Manipulator

You aren't their trigger. Stop letting people manipulate and justify their behavior by confusing a trigger with loaded emotions. They have a problem and they aren't accountable for their actions.

Triggers don't shoot people, bullets do. They are an emotionally loaded gun ready to go off on whoever they can blame for their behavior. A test for a loaded gun is this: a loaded gun shoots at everybody who causes them to confront their emotional demons.

Don't sit in a relationship and let loaded emotions shoot you and then blame you for being their trigger. Healthy love is not used for target practice

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