If She's Treating You Different, You Are The Problem

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If She's Treating You Different, You Are The Problem

There comes a point in every woman's life where she grows tired of dealing with a man who brings everything but the truth. She gets tired of the lies, excuses, and disrespect.

Time often reveals all she needs to know about the man she is with. It's only a matter of time before she decides to give up trying to make the relationship work. When it's all said and done she regrets nothing, because she tried her best and gave it her all and no longer will she deal with a man who refuses to love her correctly.

Walking away

Having to walk away from the person and the life you envisioned in the future is hard but brave. It takes real strength to leave it all behind and going against what the heart feels, but it's better to hurt temporarily than to hurt permanently by staying with someone who doesn't deserve you.

You can't make the wrong man do the right thing. Thank time for making you stronger, better, and wiser. For giving you the opportunity to see what you couldn't see at the beginning.

No More Wasting Time

Time has allowed you the opportunity to give your love to the right one. Life is too short to live it stressing someone who doesn't deserve you to begin with. Once you work through false emotions and find your truth it will no longer have power over you.

Wish them well and walk in your truth. Thank them for the lesson and for unblocking the door to find the love you deserve.

Walking Away

Thank them for showing you who they really are because it doesn't matter what they tell you but what they show you. Telling you they love you but treating you like an option is all the proof you need to know they are the wrong one.

When you are with the right man you will know not by the way they made you feel in the past but by the way you currently do. When loveless behavior is all they have to offer its time to walk away.

Loving Myself

Cleanse your soul and find yourself again. Restore your love and life. Create your own happiness inside of you. Don't allow the wrong one make you bitter.

You had a life before you met them, you will have a life after them. Date yourself, and enjoy your life. When the right one comes along he will compliment your happy and support your happy environment.

Moving On

Get your life back and find your happiness being in your own company. Spend time with quality friends who support and encourage you. Start draining yourself from the poison they left behind.

Apologize to yourself for allowing the wrong one to treat you like trash for so long. For allowing the wrong one to mistreat you and take your love for granted . Promise yourself to never allow another man degrade you and make you feel like you are hard to love.

You are deserving of amazing love. Anything less is not worth stressing over.

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