If They Were Meant For You, You Wouldn't Be Asking God To Make It Work

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If They Were Meant For You, You Wouldn't Be Asking God To Make It Work

Nothing matters more to God than “relationship”. It’s what you were created for. You have five senses so you can relate to the physical world around you.

You have a soul, which includes your emotions, affections, your will, and your mind, so you can relate, understand, and express yourself. But you are also a spirit, so you can relate to God, who is a Spirit.

Even the Bible itself, while interpreted as the Old and New Testaments, gives an account of the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, which was sealed through Christ’s Blood. A Covenant is a binding relationship.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where people do not want to embrace truth. All of the fake Social Media post and profiles; the influencers on Instagram with the fake eyelashes, butt and breast implants, lip injections; wigs and weave…. False images and lies are all around us.

And yes…. even in some of our relationships. The only thing worse than telling a lie, is living a lie. And the only thing worse than living a lie, is to try and make God a part of that lie. God is truth, and He is not a genie.

He does not exist to fulfill our every desire. He is a Father who has created you to be in a right relationship with Him first…and then with the one person that He has created for you.

You can’t pray and ask God to fix a relationship that He never ordained for you to be in, just because you want it to work out. Relationships are about more than our happiness; they are about ministry…and that ministry affects several generations.

It’s about what you were designed to produce, in works, in marriage, and sometimes in progeny. Adam could only have Eve. Abraham could only have Sarah. Mary could only have Joseph. God will only bless your union when you are with the one that He created for you to be with.

That is also the only way you can fulfill your true destiny; and that in turn will bring true fulfillment and joy into your life. That is what God has designed for you. God cannot bless what He has not authored, no matter how much you pray. Going outside of His plan can also put you at risk of being outside of His protection.

Our church was shaken in 2017. A young lady decided she was going to marry a certain man, even though God told her not to. Our Pastors counseled her and told her what the Lord was saying, but she decided to go against that counsel and marry him anyway.

Over time, he became very abusive…physically beating her. Eventually, she left him, and moved in with her mother. She came back to the church and apologized to the Pastors and to God for not listening to the Lord’s voice.

Unfortunately, one Saturday, while her mother was on a cruise, she decided to meet with her estranged husband to possibly try to work things out, and they fell into argument.

He chased her out into the yard, and shot her 3 times, killing her, He then turned the gun on himself, ending his life as well. I remember sitting next to this young lady one Sunday while she was ushering.

Her death disturbed me. I remember asking God why He allowed this to happen. To me, she was just a young lady who wanted her marriage to work. I get that. But the fact was, God didn’t allow that to happen. He told her not to marry the man, and God’s protection is tied to our being obedient to His voice.

He may have mercy, but why take that chance. Unbeknownst to her, she chose that outcome when she chose that man.

What have you chosen? If you have been asking God to fix a relationship that you know you shouldn’t be in…I’m letting you know right now, He won’t do it. He will not set you up for disaster.

The relationship might even appear to be going well for a season, but you will miss your destiny and everything else that God has designed for you…including your real mate.

Are you really willing to risk that for some temporary pleasure? No matter how much you may want what you think you want…God has better for you, and you cannot improve upon his plan for your life. However, the choice is yours. What will you choose?

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