If We're Not Growing What Are We Doing

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If We're Not Growing What Are We Doing

Love is so rare, precious and powerful. Everybody wants it – even if they're not qualified or ready for it. There is never a shortage of people who want love that builds, blesses and makes life beautiful.

A refuge love, an empire building love, a ride or die love, an us against the world love. Love is not cheap, it's not for people who think that it comes without work, heart ache and sacrifice.

Love is for people who desire to love when it's not easy to like someone. Don't put your love in just anybody's hands.

A relationship is meant to feed everybody full...mind, body and soul...unless it is one sided. A one sided unhealthy relationship will eventually cause resentment...when the one being cheated wakes up.

If the only way they can love you is by cheating you out of the love you deserve, by making you resent being emotionally starved, they are the wrong one.

If they are not motivating you to become a better version of yourself but quick to point out your flaws than whats the point? If they cannot handle your truth, dismiss them and cut them loose.

If they can't handle you at your worst it only means they are interested in a relationship based on a lie anyway. None of us are perfect. Stop trying to fit in other people's lives. If your truth does not fit with them, let yourself out.

All relationships have disagreements and it takes being able to accept each other's view points to settle it and move on with grace. If you haven't fought right in or for your relationship, stop saying you've done all you can.

Try praying together before you start to talk. Pray whenever the conversation, attitude, tone, or willingness to do what is right gets in the way of your ego. Ask each other what each of you would like or need love to do and agree to always do what love would do.

It's all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you. Words don't define love, actions do. Don't talk yourself into feeling loved by behavior that does not love you.

Love does not mean the same thing to everybody. Before going forward in a relationship find out what love means to them up front so that you don't find out later that what you have is not what they want.

When you love someone who is meant for you, nothing can turn your love off for that person. That's the difference between a season love and a lifetime love.

Every couple should have a goal set in place to work hard for a life they want, and for the life they want to provide for their kids. Couples who are on their grind keep people out of their business.

They don't have the time to socialize with people who don't add value to their goals. If the person you're with is stagnant and comfortable with barely making it they lack the drive to be with someone like you.

Sure, money isn't everything, but it does make life easier in some areas. Everyone should want better, and work hard to obtain it.

Don't let other people's demons become your distractions. In order to keep your mind focused on your grind, you have to learn to keep people far enough away from you to allow them to be who they are without changing who you are.

When you have too much to lose and nothing to gain, keeping a safe distance is necessary. No need to keep tripping over them. They are a distraction not a necessity.

Don't let people get comfortable being a distraction or source of confusion in your life.

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