If Your Ex Does These Things He's Not Over You

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If Your Ex Does These Things He's Not Over You

Letting go becomes much easier when you stop listening to the lies you tell yourself about why you should stay. It wasn't easy letting go, but it was the best decision you ever made.

Being in love with somene and having to walk away can be heartbreaking, because you are not just walking away from the person but the future you had envision with them.

You gave it your all and it was never enough, now that you are ready to move on here he comes kissing your behind, making you feel guilty for finally moving on.

Your ex coming back doesn't necessarily mean they love you, it means he knows how to defuse you long enough to hook you. He's testing to see which buttons to push that will give him access to you until he gets bored again.

But sometimes your ex coming back is merely because they miss you, and have realized they made a mistake when they pulled the plug on the relationship.

If your ex does any of the following; he is not over you and wants to give it another try.

1. He Makes An Effort To Stay Close To You

A big sign that an ex will come back is when they go out of their way to remain close to you. You notice that they’re making an effort to call and message you, they propose hanging out, and they’re even coming to you for advice about things that they could ask literally anyone else. They’re finding excuses to talk to you and to stay in touch.

2. He Asks If You're Seeing Anyone New

Trying to get back together with someone that’s in a new relationship is a bit different from trying to get back together with someone who is single, so your ex might be trying to do some research that will help them to design the right strategy for winning back your heart.

3. He Tells You He's Changed

It is important to make concrete changes when you want to get back together with someone. You have to pinpoint what went wrong and come up with tangible solutions so that you don’t end up going down the same road again in the future. You both know how your last relationship together ended, so you’ve got to make sure that you protect the new relationship from it happening again.

4. You Sense A lot Of Nostalgia From Your Ex

By bringing up happy memories, your ex might indirectly try to convince you that your relationship still has a chance, and that you could be happy together. Perhaps he or she is trying to make you forget the things that went wrong or the mistakes that they made while you were still together.

5. You Can See The Pain In His Eyes

The breaksup is affecting him more than he says. You can tell in the way he communicates to you. He tries to stay busy doing things but none of them seem to distract him enough from the thoughts of you.

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