If You've Done That Today Or Any Other Day, I'm Proud Of You

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If You've Done That Today Or Any Other Day, I'm Proud Of You

Pulling yourself out of a dark place takes real strength. Nobody knows the strength it takes unless they been there and done that. You managed to go day by day with a smile on your face.

Prayed for God to give you a vision in your darkness, to give you the strength to grow and to get through it. You prayed to have your hope restored and to heal your heart as you walked through the valley to wholeness.

In the middle of any storm, most times you will feel overwhelmed by the struggle you are going through. You will have days that only tears will be able to express how tired you are, how worn out you feel from fighting battle after battle.

A storm is almost never just one fight, it's usually the beginning of what seems like everything is falling apart all at the same time. The good news is, if you keep fighting, if you keep trusting that everything will be just fine you will find the strength from within needed to pull yourself out of your storm.

The storms that show up are never the easiest to get over, it takes time, faith, and patience to walk through a storm that is taking everything in you not to breakdown.

You find strength everyday to keep going, battered and bruised by the punches of the world. It is your faith that keeps you going. Knowing that storms don't last forever and the sun will shine again.

Some adversities are intended to teach us how to keep walking, keep loving them, keep the faith, despite what we feel. Adversity teaches us how to stay in faith regardless of the size of the storm.

At times you might be resentful and question why are you going through everything that you are going through. But when this storm is over you will find peace that surpasses all understanding.

You get tired but you aren't giving up, at times you feel defeated but you're not giving in. You feel like your turn will never come, but you're leaning on your faith.

Some storms will unveil the purpose, strength, and power of your connections, it is then that you will understand you have been holding on to things and people not meant for you.

Sometimes, we have to look ourselves in the mirror, wipe our tears, and pray for the strength to keep going. If you try to make sense of things you will lose your mind.

Your joy is your most valuable asset. Joy keeps us when everything else is trying to break us. Cultivate your joy. It is the only thing that can keep us calm in the middle of a storm.

Each time life throws a curve, a blow, a struggle reach deeper inside of you and you will find the strength that you didn't even know you had for times like these.

Problems do not define you, but the strength you find to overcome your storm does. Sometimes you have to go deeper to discover who you really are and what you are made of and to continously go higher in life.

At every new level of difficulty you will be stretched to reach your next level of faith. Finding your next level switch is not always easy, it can take some time, you will have to go deeper to find it.

It's there, it's always been there to help you during times like these. When you find your divine switch you will suddenly find the grace and strength to walk through this valley and fear not.

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