I'm Loyal But Far From Stupid, Love Me Right Or Don't Love Me At All

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I'm Loyal But Far From Stupid, Love Me Right Or Don't Love Me At All

You have to know that you cannot use words that destroy someone you love and then expect them to ever look at you or the relationship the same way. You can't treat someone like they are your world one day and treat them like trash the next.

People who can act like they love you one day and destroy you the next and expect their relationship to stay the same are in denial of what it means to truly love someone.

Their inconsistency only confirms their belief that the person they love can be recycled like trash. You can't keep destroying someone and expect them to keep getting back up as though nothing ever happened.

Staying around with someone who can easily make you feel like you don't matter is a betrayal to your own self. You're not in love, you're walking dead. Get out of any relationship that treats you like you are valuable one day and treats you like an enemy the next.

Don’t stay in a relationship that treats you like they value you one day and like garbage the next and don’t blame somebody for not treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

Treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, even if that means treating them to your absence.

You desire and deserve mature love. Not half assed love. It's hard to be in a relationship with someone whose inconsistency affects the relationship as a whole.

Trying to have a grownup relationship with someone who has some growing up to do can take a toll on the relationship. Your behavior can either uplift or destroy the one you are with.

Your behavior is meant to bless not stress the one you are with. Daily in ways that they need and without excuses. Inconsistent behavior eventually destroys what could have been.

Relationships are meant to be had with grownups not with people who are still in diapers. You shouldn't have to argue with someone to treat you right at all times, when you tolerate childish behavior eventually you will only enable them to keep doing it until the relationship suffers enough selfish behavior.

When we love without the commitment to love, our love becomes mediocre. Loving someone is not a casual, inconsistent, uncommitted and unconscious action. Loving someone, intimately, comes from a belief in the goal of love which is to convey to someone that they mean the world to you by consciously, intentionally and thoughtfully giving them the best of you.

If you're sitting in a relationship with someone and claim that they are your world, don't treat them like your world doesn't matter and believe that you or your love matters.

Love without the benefits of love is like. Like has the privilege of being inconsistent and convenient. Love is a commitment to feeding someone's soul, holding their heart and fultlfilling their needs on a daily basis.

Don't confuse like with love, and don't let someone offer you like in exchange for the love you offer. You were created to love and be loved, you never have to settle for like when there is someone outthere willing to give you love.

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