I'm Not Complicated For Wanting A Committed Relationship

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I'm Not Complicated For Wanting A Committed Relationship

Anything less than a committed relationship is a waste of time

There's nothing more toxic than a man who expects you to be fully committed to him but won't extend the same in return. Being in love with someone does not mean you live by their standards.

Set your boundaries high when it comes to your heart. What you won't allow won't hurt you. You can't afford to give your all to someone who is merely giving you enough just to keep you around.

Wanting someone who is committed to you is not asking for too much. If expecting them to be committed in the same way that you are becomes too much for them, they are not the one for you.

Someone who really wants to be with you will make sure to let you know as well as show you. He will make it known to you by the way he treats you and the relationship.

Don't set yourself up to be hurt. Stop going all in for someone who fails to do the same for you. Loyalty does not mean stupid. If they can't commit that's fine, but let them be uncommitted to someone else.

Don't settle for someone who wants you to be all about them, but neglects to do the same for you. That's not love. Love does not neglect the person they want to be with.

Never be afraid to set love standards for a relationship. Love is not defined by how someone wants to treat you, love is defined by how you desire and deserve to be treated.

Healthy standards serve 2 purposes -- 1, standards confirm that there is a reason to be in a relationship and 2, standards tell you that if you have to leave a relationship, it was for very good reasons.

Unconditional love is not unwise. Love is unconditional but wisdom keeps unconditional love from being unconditionally misused. When you don't use wisdom to give love, unwise giving will usually result in resentment, unhappiness or both.

Nothing is free, including love, and anything worth having is worth working for. Stop watering dead things. If he was meant for you he would have no problems being about you.

Don't fall in love with what they say, fall in love with what they do. Doing is the expression of love, not talking. What is their track record of putting you first? Are they consistent -- daily, at doing anything except talking?

If they don't have a daily habit of making a difference in your life, they don't deserve a lifetime to be a non-factor. A lifetime seat belongs to someone who knows that a lifetime happens with daily deposits, not lip service.

Fall in love with what they do and you won't waste a lifetime making excuses for what they don't do.

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