I'm Not The One You Can Run Game On

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I'm Not The One You Can Run Game On

You know that the dating game is rigged to impress you, they bring their best game. Make you smile, laugh and feel warm all over. You also know that a lion chases hard when he sees something he likes, but he can only run full speed for a little while, 60 seconds to be exact.

If you want to know if the man you are interested in is short-term or potentially long-term, don't try to get caught in the first 60 seconds.

1. I'm Not The One

Giving someone the priviledges of love without the responsibilty of love is like giving someone money and not expecting them to work for it. Sharing "i love yous" is not enough to make a relationship work.

Love is a commitment, not simply a feeling. Those who go off of feelings alone will soon find out that once that feeling wears off they have nothing to fall back on. To love me is to love me correctly and not just verbally.

2. Love Is As Love Does

Men make the mistake of thinking that because they took you out on a date 3 months ago that that is enough to make you feel loved. Love is not simply about what you do, but how often you do it.

It's not about spending money, it's about the little things. It's the little things that go a long way. A woman that loves you wants to feel loved in return. Don't just tell her, make her feel it.

3. Don't Play Mind Games

If she questions you about something, be honest. Don't try to lie your way around what more than likely she already knows the truth to. Lying will only make things worse and will cause her to question her trust in you.

She's been through enough relationships to know the difference between someone who is sincere and someone who is lying. The truth may cause an argument, but you will keep her respect and trust.

4. She Doesn't Mind Being Single

She's lived long enough and seen enough to realize that finding somebody is not nearl as important as learning to un-find somebody. She understands the game.

She understands that having a discerning spirit beats having a foolish heart and why her walk away game has to be point. Her self respect will take her places settling never will. A man is not rare, the right one is.

5. Love Doesn't Hurt

Hurt hurts but it's not love that hurts you. Love hurts when it is placed in the wrong hands. Often times we've been hurt because we wanted to believe so bad that the person not meant for us would change.

At this stage i'm no longer naive and desperate to be loved and wanted. He will either love me the way i deserve or i will keep it moving. I don't have the time or energy to deal with iffy men not knowing what they want.

When you love someone and they don’t love you back...understand something: Your feelings are not hurt because they didn’t love you, your feelings are hurt because you thought loving somebody forces them to love you back, to want you and to treat you right.

The only person required to love you is you. When you mistake a season love for a lifetime love, don’t get mad with the season for being a season, get mad with yourself if you try to force a season to be your lifetime.

You will meet many seasons, you will love many seasons, and you will have to learn to let many seasons go if you’re going to make it to your lifetime love.

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