Is He Wasting Your Time? 5 Signs That He Doesn’t Want To Commit

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Is He Wasting Your Time? 5 Signs That He Doesn’t Want To Commit

Time waits for no one, and neither does a good woman

When we become fixated with a person, love becomes the secondary reason for our affection. Love desires love and when we don't validate and justify our emotions based on compatible love, we can sometimes wind up loving a person who is unqualified or incapable of loving us the way we desire and deserve to be loved.

Learn to take your time and pay attention to how he talks when it comes to you. He will always give himself away as to whether he is serious about you or if he is simply just wasting your time.

Here are 5 signs that will let you know if he is not ready to commit:

1. He Refuses To Define The Relationship

Anytime you have to wonder where you stand in a relationship it's time to keep it moving. A man who can't even make it clear as to what you guys are is a man who is not ready to be committed.

Someone who is ready to be with you will let it be known that he wants you in his life by the way he treats you and the relationship.

2. He Is Always Too Busy

There is nothing wrong with being busy. Most of us are busy with work and dealinng with our own personal problems. It becomes a problem when they are consistently brushing you off and never want to spend any time together.

They make sure they are around when they need some sex or something else from you. That's the only time they will make time for you. That is a clear sign he is just playing and sees nothing long term with you.

3. Doesn't Make Plans For A Future Together

A man who is not ready to be long term committed to you will not make long term plans. The most he will do is probably plan nights out, such as dinner and a movie.

A man who is serious about you and is thinking long term will make future plans, like booking a comedy show in the next month or so. He will talk about booking a vacation and getting away with you for a weekend.

4. Doesn't Open Up

A man who is not ready to commit to you will not open up. He will not easily share personal things about his life. He will avoid any deep conversations that require him to open up about how he feels about you.

A man who is invested in you will share personal experiences with you about his life as well as how he feels about you.

5. Trust Your Gut

More often than not your gut will let you know he is not the one for you. You have to be willing to trust it. You get the feeling that he likes you but he doesn't like you enough to be committed.

Don't make excuses for him, and don't waste your time investing your time, energy, and emotions into someone who will more than likely end up breaking your heart. Be mindful and careful about giving your all to someone who is barely giving you bare minimum.

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