It Wasn't Your Fault. He Just Wasn't Man Enough For A Woman Like You

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It Wasn't Your Fault. He Just Wasn't Man Enough For A Woman Like You

Putting the pieces back together when your heart has been broken can be so hard to do specially if you are still in love with the person. There are things in life we have no control over, and one of them is someone's love for us.

It hurts having to let go, but it hurts even more having to hold on to someone who doesn't want to be kept. It hurts to love someone who no longer shows any signs of wanting to be with you.

Their love may have ended, but your self love will help you get through your days of heartbreak. Here are some ways to recover from a heartbreak you didn't see coming.

Cut Off All Contact

One of the reasons it takes so long to move on is because we keep in touch with our exes. Be it through text, or sending each other messages through social media. We keep up with what they are doing through their social media outlets.

Keeping in touch gives you the notion that maybe there is a possibility you two will get back together. In the end you are only hurting yourself. Cut off all contact with your ex, you are only hurting yourself keeping up with what they are up to.

Give Yourself Time

You can choose to go out on dates to keep yourself distracted, but that is the unhealthy way of doing things. You will become emotionally exhausted dealing with men just to keep from thinking about your ex.

Dating early on while you are still hurting will only delay your process of healing. You will find yourself comparing every guy you meet to your ex and that is not a good way to jump into the dating scene.

Take all the time you need to feel whole again. Enjoy your own company and set your standards high for when you are ready to get back in the game.

Allow Yourself To Feel

Although it may be tempting to numb your feelings, if they aren’t addressed, chances are they will catch up to you. You're hurting because you were blindsided, you didn't see it coming. Allow yourself to go through all the emotions.

Some days you might feel angry, in denial, depressed, etc...You will grieve for a while specially if there was never a clear goodbye or closure. It's hard but allow yourself to experience whatever feelings come up. It's part of the healing process.

Surround Yourself With Good Friends

No one is an island. Admitting that you are going through a hard time and finding friends and family who are willing to listen to your struggles can make a world of a difference.

It is beneficial to talk about how you are feeling with friends you trust. Friends can be our greatest counselors at times. They might share similar heartbreak stories that you can relate to.

Appreciate The Beauty Around You

There is joy all around us. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that, especially when you’re going through something tough like a breakup. Take the time to appreciate the beauty in your surroundings. It will take you time to pick up all the broken pieces and rebuild yourself.

But once you have dealt with the hurt and let go of it, you will open up your heart to love again. Through this experience you will grow and find strength you never knew you had. You will become a wiser and a better version of yourself.

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