It Will Break Your Heart, But Fix Your Vision

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It Will Break Your Heart, But Fix Your Vision

The longer you sit in the dark thinking about who was not meant to be, the longer it will take for your soul to be free.

Understand, you cannot meet your destiny until you walk out of and heal from your history; when the day comes that you fully appreciate the good in goodbye, that will be the day that you cry your last cry.

Love you enough to want what's best for you. Sometimes, we have to fix ourselves before we can see how other people look.

Brokenness blurs our vision. Expecting to see others clearly through brokenness, is like expecting to hear better by wearing ear plugs.

You could miss the best thing that ever happened to you, or see that the worst thing that could have happened to you is standing in front of you.

Being healed reveals who people really are.

Your destiny is too important to let brokenness navigate your emotions. Make you, your emotional health a priority before making someone else a priority.

You will find out that there is little hope in a relationship where one person is doing all the work, all the caring and all the supporting.

Lopsided love is a challenge that we often think will be overcome by loving more, doing more and crossing oceans for someone who doesn't jump puddles for us.

Trust your gut, when somebody is comfortable taking a nap in your love life, they are either the wrong person for the privilege of being in your life, or you like giving out titles without responsibilities.

When you value the power of your loving, you stop letting it be drained by those who don't. We're too old for words without actions or people who think the best is free or cheap.

They didn't know how to love you but don't let that cause you to lose sight of the fact that loving yourself teaches people how to love you or how to love missing you. There's a gift of love inside of you to be unwrapped by the one meant for you.

When you realize that somebody is not qualified, assigned or equipped to love you right, believe them - - and learn to be OK with moving on, growing forward.

Your heart will break, but your vision will be fixed. Your faith will be empowered, your hope will be restored and your joy will be revived when you train your emotions to trust the good in goodbye.

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