It Will Hurt Your Heart But Heal Your Soul

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It Will Hurt Your Heart But Heal Your Soul

Emotions connect us to what we want, even if what we want is not what we need. One of the hardest things for us to do is to let go of emotions that want someone who is no good for us.

Understand that their dysfunction is not your responsibility, we can slowly destroy ourselves trying to make dysfunction act right. Don't allow your emotions to justify what your mind knows is a lie.

Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough. As we mature the more we realize that life is far too expensive to settle for less than we deserve.

Growing past the past and coming to terms that certain things will play out a certain way is hard to grasp, but growing past the past is not about letting go as much as it is about growing.

Not everyone has your best interest at heart and that hurts because you thought they did. You thought were were strong enough to fight through whatever to keep from losing you but they proved you wrong.

You thought you would never be put in a position to have to walk away. You thought that when they said you are the best you were going to be the last one. You thought that when they said i love you they meant it.

Accepting that you thought wrong is the beginning of letting go of wanting somebody to be somebody they are not. It will release some of that weight you been carrying. It hurts to accept it but its necessary otherwise you will store resentment for them not being who you thought they were.

The decision to have to give up everything you thought was in the near future is devastating and it takes a toll on your mind. Its not easy to walk away from someone you are still in love with.

The decision to walk away comes to play when you have done all you could have done. Said all that you could have said. Cried, screamed, talked, about it and nothing changed.

It hurts the heart having to let go. It takes everything in you to do it, when everything in you doesn't want to. You have come to terms that nothing will change and you rather hurt yourself temporarily than hurt for a lifetime.

Guarding your heart sometimes requires letting go of people, not because you don't love them anymore but because sometimes loving somebody means putting them out of your life in order to survive.

A relationship that has expired will bring you more pain than happiness. Time will always prove to us if we're right or wrong about someone. Time gives people the opportunity to show us who they really are, regardless of what our expectations are.

Allow time to heal the hurt you feel. Time will do its job. Time will make you stronger, better, and wiser. Time will give you the opportunity to to give your love to the right one.

Cleanse your soul and repair the love for you, your life, and your value. Create your own happiness inside you. Date you. Get intimate with you, get your life back.

Slowly you will start draining the poison of trying to love the wrong one. Find your happiness. You cannot pretend to be happy. That's like pretending to be alive.You either are or you're not.

The decision to let go will hurt your heart but heal your soul within time.

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