It's His Loss, You Deserve A Heart That Will Love You Unconditionally.

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It's His Loss, You Deserve A Heart That Will Love You Unconditionally.

You can't make the wrong one do the right thing.

In confidence or casual conversation, he shared his heart with you about the kind of woman he liked, was drawn to, and ultimately looking for. So you took it upon yourself to subtly change and become that woman, hoping that he would see that you were the full package, and the only woman he would ever need.

Your walk changed, as you tried to become more alluring, and then your talk changed, filling his ears with whispers of enticement that piqued his interest. Like a spider seeking prey, you calculated and spun your little web of deceit.

Well he fell for it, and you gained a full-blown relationship. You got the man. But to be honest, love was not really impressed with your connection, because the entire foundation of it was built on lies.

He didn’t fall in love with you. He fell in love with the image you were portraying. He never came in contact with the real you. There was no sign of what the real you had to offer to the relationship, because you discounted yourself--- suppressing your character and every single one of your qualities.

As with other things that have no true foundation, over time, they do crumble or wither away. Now you’re left holding your heart, wondering if things could have been different, because unfortunately, he never got to know the real you.

In essence, he never knew what he had in you. What’s even worse, is that you didn’t believe in, or think enough of yourself to stand firm on your own abilities and values.

You compromised yourself to fit a mold, only to find out later that the woman you chose to become, was a lesser version of who you really are. With hindsight being 20/20, if you had started out with the confidence of just being you, you could have given more to the relationship, and brought more to the table per se.

Your priceless character would have been seen, and you would have been deemed a rare and precious jewel ---- one any man would quickly reconsider, if he had ever thought of walking away from you.

So now that he has walked away, see it as a lesson learned. You must believe that you have the qualities and the abilities to attract someone while simply being you.

Never compromise yourself for anyone. One of the definitions of the word compromise, is to make a shameful or disreputable concession ---- and a definition of concession is something done or agreed to, usually grudgingly in order to reach an agreement or improve a situation. But in keeping in line with honesty, this kind of situation never improves.

Take comfort in who you really are, and embrace yourself. Change your perspective and see yourself as something worth having. Speak positive words that will align you with positive outcomes.

You don’t have to play games, and you don’t need to appear desperate. Let him see that you have a confidence that can’t be shaken. And if that’s where you are lacking, go back to the drawing board and rebuild the place where you should be standing.

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